(Baritone and Male Chorus)
Wafna, wafna! —Woe! Woe!
quid fecisti sors turpissima? – what have you done, vilest Fate?
Nostre vite gaudia-   the joys of my life
abstulisti omnia!   -you have taken all away!
                                                                                              lines from Carmina Burana, Carl Orff 


Gary Christian , Channons father- in court

Gary Christian , Channon's father- in court

  Gary Christian, Channon’s father, works his hands much the same way he did during a recent interview I posted on a while back. During the testimony the parents are shown watching, it is evident in the way Mr. Christian can barely sit still how hard it is for him to contain himself and how hard it is for all of the family to bear sitting through this. I can’t imagine them having to do this for the trials of the other defendants.  
Channon Christians body was discovered in a garbage can

Channon Christian's body was discovered in a garbage can

“Two rallies in Knoxville in 2007 led by white supremacist sympathizers were met with significant anti-protester response and failed to gain traction.” http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hNmWe_648Dmb82xnnYiHPpdPTSkQD9A4OIQG2

‘Failed to gain traction’? Not so fast ,Duncan Mansfield, ye of the the name-calling  faith. If it makes us ‘supremacist sympathizers’ to oppose the murder of innocent young people at the hands of dangerous savages, then- what does that make you in attempting to vilify us?  Our being nationalists does not invalidate  our calling attention to , or the gravity of this horrific case- but rather makes the case for our beliefs. Perhaps the real question is not ‘What should we do about the  evilNaziracisthaters protesting untrammeled black violence ?”  or whether  Le_Sparticus/Talvis/insertwhateverghettoFrench/Roman-namedunderprivilegedhoodrats should die, but whether they should have been allowed to roam free to begin with? Why do they have the right to wander freely if they are dangerous or  not-right-in-the-head or .. well, people who are for all intents and purposes- are functionally so slow or brain damaged a la Steinbeck’s Lenny in Mice and Men that they simply cannot be allowed to do whatever they want,especially when they already have an extensive criminal history. It’s too bad Lenny is not ‘equal’,  is rather slow and hurts living things. No one calls anyone a ‘hater’ for recognizing Lenny’s mental limitations and prediliction for violence. Because Lenny is White, and Lenny is the Exception, not the Rule.

Just the other day I was discussing the ‘reductio ad Hitlerum’  logical fallacy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_Hitlerum. The newspaper/internet articles illustrate many examples of this- As per usual, failing the ability to construct a real argument against what nationalists believe or protest, media resorts to the old poisoning the well tactic, trying to discredit the source, ad hominem. Doing this really makes you look bad, newspaper people. Reminds me of the Stockholm syndrome to an extent, only you are unaware you are captive to the unholy, degenerate system- and, of course- you are getting paid- so there’s a huge incentive, unaware or not, to throw in those little  destructo-statements.

LeGhetticus ‘washes’ out mouths with bleach, and you wash out  minds, and corner parents into having to defend themselves when they have earned the right to not just criticize and point out the illogicalness and failure of our multi-culti society- they have the right to the pure, uncut HATE AKA  Having Acknowledged Truth Eventually. It is viscerally evident that Mr. Christian is not sitting there aglow with the light of forgiveness and blaming the ‘system’ for killing his daughter with the ‘society created LeGhetticus, we’re all responsible’ BS and hoping to spare their lives – I doubt any of those parents are, and they shouldn’t have to be. If he is glowering and hateful, he has every right. He has ever right to be sitting there thinking You know what, F*&k Tolerance.  The way our system works in cases like this punishes the family, while we all pay for LeGhetticus’s defense. All those parents and family should get reparations from the system instead of the system wasting mo’ money on LeGhetticuses.

If this were the Old Days, this whole matter either would never have happened, or if it had,  it would already have been resolved in a speedy and cost-efficient manner. There would be no sitting day after day in trials, having to keep your mental act together to show up every day when one is probably depressed as all hell and has slept like crap for two years. There would be no imposed daily reminders  of the hell one’s child endured, let alone having to be in the same room with their rapist/torturer/killers. There would be no years of appeals, no prison groupies putting up websites as happens in San Quentin out here for death row inmates to attract other troubled people and trick them into sending letters and money, so LeGhetticuses can buy smokes and have chips while they watch TV. If it were the old days, there would be no chance at all of any of them getting out at any point, perhaps to rape, torture and kill again- or capitalize on their infamy by giving interviews and of course continue to be a burden on the system, thus creating more jobs for people to fill, jobs that shouldn’t have to exist. Someone is going to be in charge of them, either inside or out- until they are dead- from guards to case managers to prison health care, to food staff, to laundry. Don’t say those kind of jobs being created/filled is a good thing. It isn’t. In a better society, where we wouldn’t have to deal with this crap, people could be doing work that wasn’t the care and feeding of monsters. There are people out there who could use legal counsel/defense/advice who aren’t rapist/torturer/killers.

What would have happened to this creature if this had been the Old Days? Was just discussing today how the other one, boyd, I think his name was, got 18 years. I wrote about this before, but let’s do the math again. Boyd: 18 years for rape/torture/poisoning/killing- I don’t care if he was there or wasn’t there for all of it, he was involved and he didn’t stop it.  Two normal white young kids die horrific deaths.  OK,  Shaun Walker, ex- NA , gets in a  bar fight, no one seriously hurt, no one dies, someone takes a punch  and gets SEVEN YEARS.

http://shaunwalker.com/The%20Truth.html  I don’t want to get lame emails about how you don’t like  Walker- I get enough mail  about this person or that- that is not the point!  Let’s go over this again.  Boyd gets about 9 years per White dead young person. Walker smacks a mexican , no one dies, no one even gets really hurt- only trumped up “I’m scared and traumatized” whiny BS and Walker gets 7 years.  This doesn’t compute. This causes pain.  I cannot get my head around this. I have no memories associated with this phenomenon.  Please return Mia to the Tyrell Corporation.

 Duhhh-the pseudo-thoughtful pose Le_whatever affects repeatedly during the trial. Accent on pseudo. See more of this here:

http://www.knoxnews.com/videos/detail/letalvis-cobbins-trial—august-17-2009/ Day 1 of the trial

http://www.knoxnews.com/videos/detail/letalvis-cobbins-trial—tuesday-august-18-2009/ Day 2

 I don’t give a rat’s ass about social inequity BS  excuses, class distinction excuses, in-group/outgroup excuses, momma was a 12-year-old crackhead, if I only had money, if I only had better books and knew who my daddy was I wouldn’t have impulsively raped and killed these kids , we all know that is tired-ass BS-  you know what that makes me wanna do? Yep, you guessed it, stomp on politically correct snivelly untermensches like Duncan and the other sheep who bleat the same lines, as they repeatedly and continually vilify nationalists as they themselves look down on pretty much ALL Whites not of their own social strata or belief system with their own misguided brand of PC Supremacism. This type feels sorry for LeWhatever’s but hates poor Whites with a passion. Why? Maybe it is because he knows he will never be a LeWhatever, but being poor and White -and hence associated with politically incorrect and pissed off is more possible and too scary for words- though this media-induced association of nationalist = angry hillbilly is not always the correct one-  the assumption that all the well-off folks or those that are left of the middling-class are perfectly fine with the way things are going. In PC/NPR world, standing up for LeWhatever ass-raping/immolating/poisoning/neck-breaking/car-jacking/robbing/ect/etc is  as trendy and heroic as ethically-traded organic coffee beans. Awesome. I can see now the anti-DP flocking to this trial “not in my name’ misplaced sympathy. You don’t want the death penalty carried out in your name, fine- you can carry it out in mine.

 Some would say: Stay on your own side of the tracks and we’ll stay on ours, don’t kill us and we won’t kill you- or better yet, hey – there’s a whole continent you could develop and rule with no one on it who is going to challenge you, because it sucks so bad there anything is an improvement. But no, that’s not even a possibility. Because only White people do that. You know, come in and develop nations. Because we’re so supremely horrible , oppressive and inept, right?  We’re just going to have to deal with the slavery issue which means the black issue and it’s going to cost us, but it might be worth it. We dealt with that whole thing the wrong way and now we are suffering. We should have dealt with it a long time ago, before any of my own people were even here. The PC thing to say and will be said by whoever is on that jury “It doesn’t matter the color, the crime is horrible enough for the death penalty, etc etc..” . But the color DOES matter, it is NOT a random, it just happened, wrong place, wrong time event.  Like I posted years ago, or told someone, calling this a hate crime is redundant- they hate US all the time, this group only acted on it. We’re not getting along, it’s like cats and dogs, fire and water, it’s just too hard, and it’s usually us who is payin’, ‘toleratin’ and suffocating.  

It’s not that hard, NPR-listening, never-offensive-and-always-polite- even-when-it-is-killing-you White people:  If one can’t manage to keep it together without rape, murder and mayhem, then to the lions you must go. Certainly the Romans had their problems, but they had a few things right. Sympathy has it’s limits, just like membership has its privileges-and I’m not talking about the made-up ‘privilege’, like White privilege. Belonging in civilized society doesn’t mean never having to say you’re sorry, it means your existence, your life has contributed more than it has taken away, that you have for the most part anyway, played by the rules and at the very least, on your worst day, you do not  on a lark- decide to rape, torture, burn ,poison and kill random innocent members of society. You are not actively robbing others of the most basic ‘privilege’ there is: LIFE.  Oh yes, there is plenty of inequality here. It abounds, but it is not made of the stuff of multiculti rainbow dreams are founded on, the inequalities of who has the better job, went to the better school, had parents who loved them, who has more money- because you know what? Big surprise, even within the White World, those very same inequalities exist. Believe it not, sometimes life sucks for White people too. Sometimes more than sometimes.

I’m talking now about the inequality that dare not speak it’s name, the inequality that isn’t about programs and better textbooks or free lunches or big brother substitute daddies- I’m talking about  inequality that strikes fear into every liberal-minded PC White person’s heart and artificially burdens them with the need to be the codependent of the third world- the  inequality that resides in the things that are fixed and cannot be changed. Like it or not, our race is part of who we are, it is not a construct. If you think that because yes, we are much further ahead than other races in many things- that we don’t have our own problems- you’re wrong about that too- but we wish to deal with our problems and be left alone to figure them out- and maybe in the meantime keep making some great scientific discoveries, maybe some great cars or some forumula to save the ozone layer or even making some great art or music or food or stories- but we can’t do that if we are being killed off by Le_whatevers. We’ll never know what Channon and Chris would have done with their lives had they not been  murdered, or what their kids might have achieved, but that possibility is now erased. Two of these defendants are brothers- is it a coincidence that neither of them said “I’m not doing this, I’m out of here, I’m going to the cops- I’m not going to be party to your rape and murder-fest, you sick f*ckers.” Why didn’t ANY one of them do that? Killing us off kills of civilization, it kills off discovery, invention. It kills art and beauty, it kills hope. You don’t kill the hand that feeds you, the hand you are dependent on en masse. That is just not very bright- but can you even help it?  Even if we lock you up or execute you, it is ex post facto. Those kids are still dead and there are still lots of you running around. Channon and Chris were valuable people, and I’m not talking about in the “we’re all God’s children kinda way”, I’m talking about who they were as well as their further potential. Can the same be said about LeWhatever and crew?

 Oh,  wait, wait wait, Dunk, my heel is not off your neck- I don’t  want to hear  the sniveling pleas  ‘ waaa, you just hate….(SQUISH)  all..skin color..not all (STOMP) .. are like that..’ Duncan -and it isn’t really about him, he is simply taking the punishment for all of his sissy ilk-  sits up and I smack him across the face. We’ve been over this, dorkmeister, remember? Now shut up and let’s review the Exception-Does-Not-Prove-The -Rule . Remember my speech years ago about the “I have this one friend who’s not like that” story and how that proves my point, not the guy with the one or two friends that are ‘ok’ ? DunkDonuts: “waaaa, but what about Gates? what about…”  Obviously he  doesn’t comprehend the exception theory or is simply defaulting to brainwashed media tripe because he likes being kicked. I tip Dunky back over onto floor. One day, Dunky, you might become a man someday, but you’re not there yet. Until then, it’s dirty socks in your mouth and bad cable TV. While his eyes water, let’s take a look at some of the disingenuous ways this case is written about in the PC media.

Mary Newsom identifies a belt that belonged to her son, Chris.

Mary Newsom identifies a belt that belonged to her son, Chris.

“The case is racially charged — the defendants are poor and black, the victims, middle-class and white. It has drawn extensive media coverage locally, with bloggers at first accusing the national media of ignoring the case because of the racial implications.” http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,539927,00.html

“to involve something unstated as a logical consequence” http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=imply  Gee 2+2 ?

 ‘Racially charged’ , “racial implications”  trying to make it seem like those on trial are ‘the real victims’  by describing them as poor blacks as opposed to those middle-class White kids. You will never see an article describing the insider trading shysters by ethnicity and juxtaposing that with the financial and racial background of those they hustled, will you?  When the Duke University kids had their family name dragged through the mud- we were inundated with images of the poor, single mother forced to entertain on the Evil, Rich ,White College Boy Plantation… one could just hear the slavering of the TV movie producers getting wood..”Igor, zees eez perfeckt,  ve vill destroy them!” until….uh yeah, it didn’t really happen like the media said, it was a total lie. But at least those kids are still alive. 

 In any case, you see the sheer OBNOXIOUSNESS of playing the ‘Socio-Economic/Race (that doesn’t exist, but does when we want it to! )rabbit out of a hat trick. Do they even realize how inappropriate it is to even try to play the tardo Social Justice Card when talking about a trial where at least 4 or more tortured, raped, sodomized, poisoned and killed two innocent kids?  I know- sigh- I’m the hater for pointing out your (news sissies) absolute shit-for-brains lack of of respect for the dead or the families. In any case, you see how in these stories, they work these little phrases into it, either from pressure from staff/editors, from fear they will be labeled ‘haters’ or the made-up ‘racist!’ if the state  truth without the disclaimers, without insidiously trying to discredit those who have been through hell- then defending those who have done evil by surreptiously making allusions to others who might have been unfairly treated or using the meme of the  poor, oppressed sharecropper gettin’ his long-due revenge on the massa’s daughter/son. You do see the allusions and undertones, do you not? One will never hear those same type of allusions being made in referring to Whites who have been unfairly treated or victimized- memes are never created that don’t serve THEM.

Here’s another example of how the media tries to sneakily make the victim’s families appear unsympathetic, even if what they say could be true in many cases:

Hugh Newsom’s one hope is that the jurors are intelligent and qualified.  “Many of the jurors who sit on a jury are totally incompetent,” he said. “Some don’t understand the law.”  http://www.volunteertv.com/home/headlines/53083467.html?storySection=story

Closing with Newsom’s statement regarding juries was a shitty thing to do. It looks like it is meant to piss off prospective jurors- after all there are more trials ahead, even if this pool is selected. It is likely true many people who sit on a jury simply don’t have the wherewithal to sit and weigh evidence for days on end- but closing a story about a horrific murder trial of two young people with a line like that was disrespectful- to the parents, to the dead, to the reader- it wasn’t disrespectful for Newsom to have said it- it was disrespectful for the editor  to end it on that note. If your children were killed by these thugs the way Christian/Newsom’s children were killed, would you not have the same concerns?  Again, this is a not-so-subtle way of discrediting and disrespecting the people they just interviewed  in their best caring reporter voices – parents who must  endure sitting in court with their children’s killers.. 

It is a fact what Newsom said. Jurors are not tested for competency, knowledge of law or even basic intelligence- they are sought for how they can benefit either side.  Most people don’t like serving on juries.It is a hassle, one often has to make special arrangements for work and/or children or transportation and is not fully compensated for travel, food or other inconvienences.  The attorneys choose jurors out of a pre-selected pool either for their likely affiliation or sympathy with the prosecution/defense or relative malleability  to be influenced by others versus those who seem to have fixed opinions.

We’ve all known someone who seems to be a magpie, or myna bird- repeating someone else’s lines, ideas or long-winded blow-by-blow accounts of he/she said, or someone who seems to always ask everone elses advice even on the most trivial of matters- we’ve probably heard someone ask these people “who put that in your head?”  Sometimes we wrongly attribute this behavior to the actual originator of said story or idea/theory/saying,  if we happened to have heard it first from the crypto-magpie. In any case, defense attorneys love the magpie because they are changeable- so much so that they become unsure of their own stance regularly and will often vote ‘not guilty’ based more on this constant sense of inner doubt and sense that they missed something- like what could be called juror OCD  -This type is  also easily swayed by neat-o sounding rhetoric  ‘if it ain’t his spit, you must acquit’- whether it has the ring of truth to it or not is of no consequence- as long as it sounds cool and the defense can affect just the right intonations as to appear dramatic and shuck and jive like Sammy Davis Jr or Johnny Cochran. There was a sketch on that ‘Whitest Kids U Know’  depicting a courtroom in which the defense, Mr. Lawyerstein, knowing his client is guilty, proclaims it is ‘opposite day’ and “wouldn’t it be crazy if despite all that evidence , you came back with a  ‘not guilty’ ?” One cannot help but be reminded of  the dread OJ trial.

Here’s another annoying little obligatory PC weaselism inserted into an article on this case:

NAACP president Sheryl Rollins, an attorney. “In no way does the NAACP condone or support anybody — black, white, Chinese, greenies, whatever — that would do what those people (allegedly) did to those children,” she said. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,539927,00.html        

DUhhhhhhhh. Well gee, I hope so! This has to be stated- it isn’t understood?  One would think that would be a given. Murder is bad, ‘by anyone of any color does not in any way…blah blah ‘ fails to address the very REAL racial angle in THIS case – instead, the statement reeks of vacuous generic dismissal and generic feel-good political Hallmark-cardisms.  This case isn’t about ‘anybody of any color’-NAACP, address it from the perspective from which YOU stand, which is defending your own people. I don’t want to hear a blanket generic statement- you would come across as more sincere and less cowardly to say you are embarassed or ashamed , SORRY-even angry or disgusted – that would be all right. For you to give this cop-out wuss non-statement doesn’t help your cause, it’s a non-statement. When next we hear about the random, truly rare White weirdo like the dude in Austria with his daughter in the dungeon and incestuous kids, or a serial killer, or some troubled high school shooter kid- the White Association will just say some flaky thing like “yeahh, we’re against anyone of any color doing that. White, black, green- yeah- we don’t condone that kinda stuff.”  That will be good enough, right? Then you can sweep the story under the rug and I can ask for donations to the  NAAWP, deal? A waste is a terrible thing to mind, being as nothing seems to change things.

 To say race ‘has nothing to do with it’, and use ‘if anyone did.. blah blah bad things .’ is getting away from the facts of THIS case and into the la la land of ‘All Good People Believe…and I, by the Official If Anyone…of any color…did/does…such and such…horrible…we do not condone….yada yada… hereby  hold myself harmless from any claims of Racism!  and further also establish myself as an Official Good Person, the facts being  universally and wholly accepted that Good People believe wholesale slaughter of the innocents is not a good thing. Neither is drinking bleach, and for the record, I want to say I’m against that too, by Anyone of Any Color , either serving or consuming or forcing anyone to drink it.  I’m also against suffocating  in plastic bags, ass-rape, immolation, shooting the innocent, and neck-breaking. Yep. Bad Things. People of any color doing things like that=not cool. That’s great.  I’m only a hater if I point out that race has something to do with it, all of those other bad things were just floating around in the ether, like a lost evil balloon , said Evil Balloon just ‘happened’ to alight upon LeWhatever and crew, making them do all these terrible things. Don’t blame LeGhetticus, blame the balloon! Come on, you can do better than that, can’t you? Maybe you can’t.

But ya know, to get away from things that ‘anyone, yellow, green, red, purple…’ in this case- it wasn’t a multicultural random band of brigands who did these things. It wasn’t the ubliquitous and nebulous People of Any/Every/It-Could-Have-Been-Anyone-It-Just-Happened.Out of the Blue, Ex Deus Machina  Total Crapula. No one is going to look at that crew as part of anything that ‘just happened’, as if the DCTCB  (davison, cobbins, thomas, coleman,boyd) crew were just hapless citizens, instead of  the frontal-lobe challenged miscreant criminals they are. Want to hear at least one of their voices?  https://silentconsort.com/2009/02/03/audio-hear-killer-of-christiannewsom/ or video http://www.knoxnews.com/videos/detail/davidson-interrogation-video—part-1/

If only the DCTCB crew could be more like Nate Burris, who gunned down two people on the Richmond Bridge here in the bay area lst week.    “Just give me the death penalty, I don’t need no public defender,I don’t need an attorney. I’ll do it myself. I don’t need all that nonsense..”  Burris said. “I talked to a lawyer last night. I’m guilty. I did it. Why do we have to wait 30 years?”  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/15/MNQS198PDH.DTL#ixzz0OaU4U1jI

Yeah, why DO we have to wait 30  years? Instead of this crap about taking health care away from the elderly, maybe we could save tons and tons of money by speeding up executions, cutting down on appeals on especially heinous cases like this- I don’t want to hear whining from the anti DP people or arguments that the death penalty costs more. We could make it cost a lot less if we expedited it,  streamlined it- you know, like the way they are trying to cut down on unnecessary procedures and streamline health care? We could do the same thing for capital punishment and wouldn’t that be awesome? At least as awesome to save money and not screw the elderly out of life-saving procedures now termed on O-radio ‘cruel’  -would be deporting the illegals and stop wiping their ass with all kinds of freebies- but I digress..

“I still don’t see the reason for moving or going to Nashville in Davidson County,” said Hugh Newsom, Christopher’s father.

“I don’t think it matters where they come from when they’ve seen what I’ve seen,” said Gary, Channon’s father. 
“Let me state emphatically,” Hugh said, “it’s very, very gruesome, but we have to face that. It’s going to turn a lot of people sick and a lot are going to run out vomiting.”  http://www.volunteertv.com/home/headlines/53083467.html

I agree with the families that once a jury sees the gratuitous and heinous violence visited upon these two young souls- they will be stricken and sickened- and compelled to return a verdict that sends a strong message that acts of savagery cannot and will not be tolerated. And people wonder why tea-baggers are angry, why there is an upsurge in firearms sales, and people forming their own kind of ‘militias’.  We need a more pro-active way to deal with the LeWhatevers of the world, before they strike.  http://www.city-arms.com/   I will try and kill anyone who attempts to hurt myself or my children, you can count on that and I have no problem with crossing the street, locking the car door or even yelling ‘Fire!’ if I think a LeWhatever is getting too close- and I advocate the same for you. If you were wrong and they were not trying to hurt you, so what? Better to be wrong and thought a bitch or crazy than not defend yourself and end up assaulted or dead. People lock their doors and cross the street for a reason, because they sense the danger. Don’t open the front door, even if someone has a name-tag and briefcase. Tell them you are calling the cops, and that you have a gun. It works for me.

 Obviously the programs and textbooks and big brothers aren’t really doing a damn thing to stop the violence. Look at Oakland, do things ever get any better there? Stop sending your kids on missions to Africa and other third-world places. These kids weren’t on any of these foolish missions or looking for trouble, they were just trying to live their lives, yet the Nobelesse Oblige of White America as well as slavery fallout has caused America to turn into ‘L’Mericus’. We can blame them, we can blame ourselves for slavery, but what are we going to DO about it? Is our country doomed as the younger generations suck up the multi-culti pap fed to them from MTV  while the older generations worry about Mumia and Tibet?  What about HERE? Lighting candles, prayer and head-shaking isn’t going to do it. Writing checks to save the world doesn’t do it. Give up on all this crap White people, it isn’t working. There’s lots of other empathetic, kind-hearted stuff you can do. You’re not teaching anyone to fish, you’re feeding jaguars and panthers, which is BAD. Jaguars without an engine don’t belong in civilization, nor do panthers. Yeah it sucks for the .001% of panthers who can maintain and not want to be hunting people for various purposes 24-7, but we can’t take that chance.

http://www.sfgate.com/maps/oaklandhomicides/  Oakland still sucks, wonder why? 66 homicides so far this year in Oakland. Keep taking that prozac! http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2009/08/19/notes081909.DTL  article links to another that states that anti-depressant use has doubled in the USA in the last ten years. That’s not a Good Thing.





The Christians hear Mr. Harboring Murder Suspects quote LeWhatever I  &^%$$# this B&^% and put her in a garbage can..

The Christians hear Mr. Harboring Murder Suspects quote LeWhatever "I &^%$$# this B&^% and put her in a garbage can"..look at the face of the woman behind them. These families children, these parents don't deserve this hell. None of us do. Obviously we can't all just get along.

what the media promotes

what the media promotes the above is similar to 'Yoville' on facebook. Although, one might be surprised how much UN-PC there is, even in these virtual worlds for kiddies. I'm just a sucker with no self esteem ... 'Self Esteem' -Offspring


sutton, regretting her unholy alliance with le_whatever

sutton, regretting her unholy alliance with le_whatever

Another wacked out White who voluntarily helped murder suspects, probably gets aiding and abetting charges dropped for talking

Another shot of the defective White who voluntarily helped murder suspects, probably gets aiding and abetting charges dropped for talking



daphne sutton cries as she recounts what later she found out were clothing and jewelry belonging to Channon Christian

daphne sutton cries as she recounts what later she found out were clothing and jewelry belonging to Channon Christian



9 thoughts on “Christian/Newsom: Rumplestiltskin MSM Spins Racial Murders into PC feel-good Gold

  1. thewhitechrist says:

    “Yeah, why DO we have to wait 30 years? Instead of this crap about taking health care away from the elderly, maybe we could save tons and tons of money by speeding up executions, cutting down on appeals on especially heinous cases like this-”

    That is a very logical, and to the point analysis of this heinous RACE HATE CRIME. We KNOW the people are dead, we KNOW the perps are BEASTS, we KNOW that by lynching them publically, ‘hung from a gibbet, until you are dead’ as the old British Judge used to say, would DETER FURTHER RACE HATE CRIMES, and we know that we could SAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of the taxpayer’s money.

    But, in a Judazed state, justice, truth, and ‘fairness’ mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Come the restoration, the accomplices of these beasts are going to wish they had never been born….

    Arise O Lord, and slay thine enemies.
    That about sums it up, don’t you think?

  2. White Christ Blogger: Thank you for your comments, they serve to remind me how much more there is to this case than the obvious facts, am writing another post about that right now.
    Yes, as a side-issue, but tied to it nonetheless-it angers me that on the talk-radio circuit I hear this crap about how the elders are going to have to accept ‘end of life issues’ and have DNRs and durable power of atty (something they already have now), and how we are under some illusion that being kept alive is a good thing, when maybe it isn’t, and how procedures should be rationed and not prioritized for people who have spent most of their lives paying into the system, in work and taxes- for illegal’s ER visits, anchor babies, welfare kids, etc- not to mention the man other letalvises in prison- and now these people are going to have their medicare rationed, maybe they won’t get their heart operation or have other treatments they need- while the rest of us keep paying to keep these scumbags alive? What does that say about the value of life?

  3. Scott Fultz says:

    I simply wish to say, thank you for all your time and effort, I am very proud of you Mia. This blog is simply fantastic and I hate saying that considering the circumstances.
    Thank you

  4. Kuklos says:

    Excellent post. I’ve read where Knoxville is only 16% Negro, but most of the jurors are Negro – the prosecution is pulling an OJ – the most these animals will get is a prison term for years, which will be reduced further when the case cools off. Young White’s are realizing that there is a official, government sponsored, system sponsored, race war against the White race. Your inferior elders refused to come to grips with it and have sold you out, it’s up to you to produce the leadership and organization to survive – the worn out and deluded WWII generation was never any help and the “Sixties” trash are coming to the end of their time – these two generations sold out White America by apathy and ignorance in the fist instance and a malicious perverted belief in Evil Whitey in the latter. Candle light vigils and sad, teary videos aren’t much of a reaction. I wonder if, before this crime, Channon’s parents would have been critical of White nationalist, perhaps avoided them, and certainly never supported any pro White organizations or candidates ? Would they now ?

  5. glennwhitemen says:

    ( edited but we all know what he is talking about, don’t we) do not have a soul and should be treated like a good house dog with severe punishment when wrong.

  6. Nemesys says:

    THANK YOU! And sick to the point of nausea over those who mewl about “Hate”/

    I HATE the Congid VERIM that perpatrated this horror. I HATE the Jew DEVILS that have used Afreakans to destroy White Civlization, and I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the stupid, evil White apologists that have swallowed the Jew Poison of “multi-culturalism”. THEY deserve to meet Le-Ghetticus. THEY have created this mess. This viper’s den of lies. They wallow in their false morality – and thus kill us all.

    MY hatred is justrified, coldly rational, and SANE.

    A day of reckoning is coming.

  7. bigbeninjersey says:

    Thank you for your efforts regarding this crime. You have the guts to tell it like it is, and I admire guts a great deal.

    Enough voices like yours and maybe we European Americans will still be around in two hundred years.

  8. Kulaks never learn says:

    Dear Madam,

    Thank you for doing this horrible work.

    May I enlighten you on jury selection?

    I was a defendant in a civil trial.

    A civil trial is a collusion between the plaintiff*s lawyer, defendant*s lawyer and the judge to strip as much money and property from the defendant as they possibly can.

    The jury verdict is their mechanism.

    When it is time to select the jury, their other partner in crime, the county clerk sends in 25 to 50 mostly retarded, unemployed unemployables.

    Everyone imagines, from TV induced mind control, combined with simple minded logic, that Plaintiff and Defendant get to pick half the jurors…


    The rules of court say that the first six (in a civil trial) or first twelve (in a criminal trial) shall compose the Jury. Now each side gets to strike half BUT the NEXT person in line fills the slot.

    Allegedly the order of the prospective jurors is determined at random but that cannot be the case. Every time every juror is a retarded moron.

    I am surprised I did not get the death penalty.

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