Williamson to meet with Irving and Renouf in UK.


Even those who don’t identify as Christians/Catholics  will find  Williamson’s blog interesting.  He definitely shows he is a


 and though of course as a religious man operates from a place of faith- it is not blind faith.

Quotes from Williamson’s blog: 

“For me, all that matters is the Truth Incarnate, “


Take me up and throw me into the sea; then the sea will quiet down for you; for I know it is because of me that this great tempest has come upon you.”   prophet Jonas, I, 12


On Crap  Culture:

“People are profoundly out-matched by this anti-culture. They do not stand a chance. They cannot listen any more. They can only believe what they see on television. They are despondent, but it is tough for anyone like me to go up against what is supposed to be “science” in the attention-deficit culture.”


On ‘9/11’

“These arguments and a mass of others are so strong that I can only conclude that true believers in the media version of 9/11 (which would exclude a multitude of pretend-believers) either have not looked at the evidence because they are satisfied with the truthfulness of their media and politicians, or the evidence is overpowered in their minds by a general belief in our governments and our way of life, or, worst of all, evidence is not what carries their minds. ”

Economic advice :

On Roman satirist Juvenal, Nature  & Pagans :

“Firstly, grace is in line with the nature that God gave us, and does not come down, like on a parachute with a machine-gun, to get nature into line. When the pagan writer without grace can see so many spiritual truths from nature alone, it proves that nature and grace are aligned, even if grace is infinitely far above nature, and nature has no claim at all upon it. Too many Catholics see the grace of our religion as a kind of policeman with a truncheon to beat us into shape. Similarly law (good law) is a friend and not an enemy of nature!”

2 thoughts on “Bishop Williamson to meet with Irving, Renouf in UK

  1. Nigel Tomm says:

    Thanks for interesting thoughts.

  2. I remember vaguely that Bishop Williamson has a post somewhere that may be summarized as saying that girls should not, in general–exceptions being permitted–receive overmuch education.

    If it were widely known, that position could get him killed quicker than the holocaust or 9/11. That’s the Holy Grail for modernists, the liberation of the female human from her femaleness. It represents mankind’s ‘victory’ over nature, the lynchpin of our entire modern civilization, and besides, it makes for a decimated society in which there is opportunity for more profits, when services and products step in to replace Mommy.

    Yesterday Obama in Egypt characterized the difference between the players in the middle east as over the education of women. ‘We applaud those who choose to take the traditional female path,’ he said, ‘But it must be a choice. And therefore we call on all societies to make education for women a top priority.’ And did you thrill to it, the wonderful words? But Europe is learning otherwise, and even Iran. Sweden has found that years of education co-relate perfectly to failure to bear children. Children have become a big focus lately in Sweden, because they don’t have any. Their economy is contracting like a snowman in Las Vegas. They must export, sell to somebody else, or die, and they are disappearing. They have tried to get women to marry and have children (and by the way, young! For they have found that the younger women begin to have children, the greater the chance that they will have more than one, and this has become Sweden’s only goal now, as it dies)

    Yes, Sweden emphasized education of its women. And now they refuse to embrace the feminine role and Sweden cannot afford to pay them replacement salary as maternity leave–because they earn too darn much. Google Sweden birth rate and read all day. It’s truly fascinating. And horrifying. I mentioned Iran above–google Iran’s birth rate and see what has happened in the last ten years. Their women have discovered birth control and career as a path to shoe shopping, like Iran’s Sex in the City. The birth rate has fallen in just ten years from something like 5.3 per woman to something like 1.6 per woman. The latter birth rate is, of course, considered the death sentence for any society, its economics, its future. You must have at least 2.1 to barely reproduce the existing population.

    The US model: education for women, complete choice in matters of sexual expression and sexual identity and sexual mission (pleasure, not offspring), abortion as a backup for failed birth control, free no-fault divorce, and freely accepted and even promoted gay lifestyle.

    Not what the world needs now. I am quite sure the Middle East knows it. Obama does not know it.

    It kind of makes Williamson seem like a prophet.

    By the way, I am most not advocating less education for women, nor, if I recall the article correctly, was Williamson. I am advocating that the feminine role, that of wife and mother, be promoted equally with that of career woman, and that society make sure that this role is made economically feasible in a variety of ways, including higher wages for fathers. If that were the case, I believe that some women would not choose extensive higher education. Nor would this disaccomodate higher education, which presently is somewhat compromised by having to present a product which fails in many respects to focus and deepen, due to its tether to amateurs and part-timers. Imagine, if you will, the training camp of an NFL team, if women were permitted and promoted on the team, guaranteed equitable playing time, and so forth. It’s like that, for women are still marrying and having children while following careers, and it must inevitably change the playing field.

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