This is what many Whites think of themselvesVelveteen Rabbit- He hoped one day to be Real. White people believe they are like the rabbit in the story. Not Real. In the story, Realness is conveyed through a child’s love- and through wear and tear, suffering-but White People- we’re ALREADY Real.


 Internalization of the Endless Guilt Trip..

 Playing Pretend

 the  Invisible Filter That Shall Not Offend, the lame ‘Privilege Backpack’ that says whatever we have accomplished, whatever we are good at- well, it doesn’t really count- it only counts because it’s Our Structure that says it’s worth something- we ‘made-up’ our talents and worth- even though the Unspoken Truth says everyone else secretly agrees and  thinks what we’ve made, what we are – actually IS worth a hell of a lot.  Worth so much in fact, that it MUST be taken away, ruined, broken, burned-violated, mocked, killed, you name it.

At first it was just about ‘shaaaaaring’. Sounded nice to  some people – not so far away from the Golden Rule stuff. After that it wasn’t about sharing, now you have to  actually give stuff up completely, give it away, or have it taken from you or to accept horrible things forced upon you, compulsory associations.

 Another Meme for Whites: Smart= Evil

Another Meme for Whites: Smart= Evil

Whites, Europeans, whatever you want to call us, we’re always the Bad Guy, the Island Of Dr. Moreau Evil Scientist, the Great Oppressor of Everyone, Serial-Killer- when in actuality, we are always the ones everyone looks to Save The Day- we’re supposed to Save the World, yet believe at the same time, we’re supposed to believe we have no culture , we’re not Real.  Velveteen Rabbit again.

Once we believed we were Real, but now we walk around with ‘tribal tattoos’ , dreadlocks and piercings. Disaffected Youth has always been with us, but in the past, it was OK just to be a White Guy. Now, if we are not adopting a foreign orphan, or otherwise helping the third world, or advocating for same to come here, and protecting their ‘rights’, we are considered part of the Evil System, The Man keeping everyone down.


  Same for the  ‘We are the world, we are the children’, ‘We’re all part of the Whole, We’re all One, we’re all in this together’ crap. Singing ducks and frogs on Sesame Street.  Not Real. We’re so not in this together.  I figured out in grade school  no one was just going to ‘play well with others’ just because they were told to, or because it was a swell idea. People want power. People go in and take over stuff.  Other people are not happy about it. Armies, protests- no one is playing any nicer because of someone being elected. Have we left Iraq?  Our economy is screwed. We’re being invaded by illegals, because their own place sucks, and now ours sucks too. Maybe if we keep up with this Fairness Crapula, it will suck even more. Nothing is Fair and Balanced. That sounds like a commercial for metamucil or a breakfast cereal.  Real life isn’t about equal and fair,  even when The All Poweful Extreme Liberal  White lobby says so.  At least the O said NO to the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ – Is Henry Waxman a Fairness Denier?

The American Spectator reported Monday that Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., is taking the call to a new level. The article said aides to the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee met last week with Federal Communications Commission staff to discuss ways to not only enact those policies but give Waxman’s panel greater oversight over the Internet. 

The committee vigorously denied the report. A spokesperson called the account “fictitious” in a statement to FOX News. 
     They set  up the Premise, this False Dichotomy that thinking one is ‘ Better Than That’ than to even come near this kind of thinking BecauseNicePeopleJustDon’tDOThat- Better Than That- a phrase I used to hear all the time as a kid “Don’t do that , don’t wear that, etc- you’re Better Than That.”

 Now-  no one can be Better At or Better Than anything, or even ASPIRE to be better, because that implies someone else is in fact, well- worse. And that doesn’t play with the Reality Deniers.That’s not being a Team Player, the kind of team where you do all the work and everyone else looks at you for the answers because even if they can read, they sure as hell can’t think.   Olympics- are they physically superior? Why  yes, they are. Mensa? Are they IQ Supremacists? Maybe there’s all kinds of Supremacists out there that we haven’t even discovered! Maybe there’s Bum Supremacy, Drunk Supremacy, Welfare Supremacy!   Meanwhile let’s keep trying to stick to the ‘everyone is the same’ deal, which really means, we want mo’ dumber, we want ‘less good’. Just be <, so everyone can be The Same.  Nope, you’re STILL not  doing it right, you’re STILL being  > .

 It must be some testing-supremacy or the magical bad fairy sprinkled some Priviledge Dust on the tests that make it that some 88% of Mensans are White.  It’s The Man!  It’s the bogeyman. If you AREN’T looking at Reality and Living  in  ‘C’Mon Get Happy ‘  Partridge Family Diversity  Dreamworld , you must really suck. And you’re a redneck ! And you’re not as rich as us, or as smart as us, and doggone it, people hate you!  Problem is , ‘Get Happy’ committee- it ain’t that easy to ‘Get Happy’ , brother. Cause they’re ain’t much to get happy about.


Channons Mom, Deena Christian: shades of Channon, marred by pain

Channon's Mom, Deena Christian: shades of Channon, marred by pain

How the families can sit in the same room with the killers and not lose it , I don’t know. I suppose some would want to face the killer of their children, but it just seems like more torture and they could be spared some of this by a partition, where neither could see the other or a one-way mirror. To have to go through a long grieving period  probably without end- and multiple court trials and not have at least  privacy FROM these scumbags is horrible. If anyone was as sick as to do the things they did, they would have to be so sick they would  might get some satisfaction out of my suffering, my loved one’s suffering, the other set of parent’s , friends, etc.  I don’t know if this particular crew of sickos has the mental capacity for something even something not-so-pathologically-complex , but in the sense of not wanting to give them anything else, not even affording them the chance to look.

 When you listen to the sound of the voice, you can HEAR the LIES. It’s not like when you are unfortunate enough to hear a fellow White lie, and you can tell they kinda don’t even believe it themselves- or they’re just batshit crazy- no-this is something else- like a little kid. You can hear the lack of frontal cortex activity, the lack of self-control, the lack of ability to compose oneself- the way this …..creature is so quick to blame the other ones-he doesn’t even know if what he is saying is helping or hurting him -the fear in his voice that there is no way in hell he is going to be able to keep up enough to come up with anything consistent, coherent or close to the truth.  The interviewer even tells him “look , we already know about this, OK?” Hearing the audio only solidifies the reality of what happened to Channon and Christopher. Do they want pity for the poor, rage-filled murderers like a good, privilege-backpack carrier should because maybe they have 10 half-brothers or their mom was on drugs? THAT is NOT  the point. The point IS Inherent Danger existing way, way before this happened.  

We cannot have a  free pass to commit murder and mayhem against our children-if we do that it does cheapen the lives of the victims. That is saying  Getting Away With It as Fake Reparations. Now, let’s  make distinctions here: stealing a steak to feed your kids is not the same as kidnapping, rape, sodomy, immolation, shooting, suffocation, making people drink Draino. Oh, and I guess we can include the daily  moms killing their kids as opposed to the EXCEPTIONS , which would be Susan Smith and Andrea Yates. – 

VOODOO made me do it, headline reads Can just see the ‘Cultural Defense ‘ posted about last week trying to worm itself into something that is probably some kind of Darwinian r-selected reproductive strategy. In bad economic times, or any time when stressed, get rid of the children!

Again, if we don’t think crimes like the Christian/Newsom case make death seem like the right thing to do- what does that say about us? Is this the far reaches of ‘Tolerance-land’, where we end up dead, but yeaahh , it’s OK , because we’re Better Than That. We’re Better Than The Death Penalty. Only -insert unpopular, villified, name-called politically safe-to-attack group type people believe in that ! People tend to fall  back on cliches- looking for some kind of Magic Yardstick to Measure their own Thought Process by- threads going on and on “Well is it ‘A society is judged by how it treats it’s animals, or is it criminals, or is it old people, or is it…. someone, help me know HOW to  get a fix on some automated process in my head! I’ve been messing with teh script all day and I keep getting these horrible error pop up messages, you don’t expect me to think all by myself , do you?”

It’s all about How Much Crap We Take as a measure for How Good and Noble  we are.  It used to be : “Johnny, can you think of any reason why the kids are excluding you? Are you sure it isn’t anything you’re doing, or have done or not done- or are they just mean, rotten , hateful brats?”  Now the deal is,  “Johnny, are you sure you couldn’t have taken your shoes off and given them away BEFORE they hit you? Are you SURE you couldn’t have taken a litte more s&^% ? Susie, are you SURE you can’t give any more of your free time to saving those who wil victimize you, given half a chance?” Case I posted about last year- the Zachary Cataldo case- your 7 year old gets a skull fracture   White  7 yr old gets attacked three times, ends up w/skull fracture at an Oakland school

Again, listen to  and contrast the angry, yet trying to keep it together tone of the first speaker ,with the  trying-so-hard-not-to-offend-so-I-don’t-lose-my-job tone of voice of some of the teacher/admins and then the callousness and unsympathetic and irresponsible. One parent advocates the use of a program that is after and before school care, knowing how savage it is that a child is not safe there, but not wanting to come out and say that, that’s not friendly  and positive. The next one says “the best place for children is at school”. If that is true for those kids, that is horrible and sad if school is a better place than home. “We have two play therapy rooms.” What does that say? Is that something to brag about, or is it a statement which confirms the bad behavior, as does the high suspension rate. “we want to know how to support these, la la.”  When are you going to get that it’s too damn late!  

” The early indications definitively show that this person  is not a hapless victim (meaning the 7 yr old with the skull fracture) ” Troy Flint, district spokesperson, It’s premature to say, when the facts are still being resolved, that this person is purely a hapless victim.”  FAIL !  FAIL! FAIL!

So Flint, you still maintain the kid deserved it? You’re saying a SEVEN YEAR OLD had a SKULL FRACTURE  coming to him? ! YOU are the one who needs the therapy room, buddy, you are one sick mofo. 

(video 2, about 6 minutes in) be sure to look beyond the first video, which is the feel-good, la-la stuff = keep programs in place, justify my job BS whether or not it works. After a minute, the video loads and you can fast forward/rewind.

In his book, Not Yet “Free at Last”, Mikel Holt writes in depth about school-choice and how many programs are ineffective ,the money goes mostly to the useless infrastructure- and specifically, White made-up jobs-  paper-pushing program directors and coordinators who ‘manage’ form afar.  His position, if not officially Nationalist, certainly agrees that self-determination cannot be ‘bestowed’ or ‘given’ by these redundant and non-effective programs. Why do you think it’s this way, Mikel? Besides the obvious of wanting some semblance of control, you know- not wanting constant rape and robbery- do you think it’s because we don’t trust you? Do you think it could be we are afraid? Do you think it is because we just don’t think y0u can do it? There ARE differences , like it or not- and yes, I agree with you that civilization was set up in order for the civilized to succeed, unimpeded by constant violence, noise, chaos, jumping around, etc. 

You DO  need your country back, pronto. I wouldn’t expect I could last 5 seconds in Africa-and that is why the Creator did not put me there. Most of us are born perfectly adapted to their environs they originate from-  pollution, suspect vaccines, allergies, obesity, pharmaceuticals, MTV and other dangerous pathogens notwithstanding. You actually might actually be better off taking over a ‘fresh start’ place like Africa than a place where Whites have all but blown the whole thing, and attached themselves to hated peoples simply for power or a toehold. 1) Ex-American Blacks wouldn’t be marginalized there, they would probably be looked up to. I mean, even our president isn’t really representative of most black americans. Come on, you know he’s not. I know he’s not.  I much prefer the Farrakhan/Rev Wright style of nationalism over the wimpy soy-latte kosher-conservative one.

 Should we Tolerate and have Compassion for those who would torture and kill our children? We simply cannot allow that to exist-hence Death Penalty. The Guilt Trip game is like Christmas Lights going around and around a tree. You’re the Tree . Once around the tree the lights say” hey, you haven’t led the same type of life as these murderers, therefore, feel bad for them, have mercy, they’re not like you, only they’re = to you, but then at the same time you’re not like them, eventhoughwe’reallthesame, celebrate diversity, though any differences are just a social construct”. The next go-round of lit-up , feel-good-and smarter-and better-than-thou cliches go something like “Ok, so they’re Evil, but does that give US the right to commit murder? If we do, that must mean  we’re evil too, and we then would have to tear up the ‘we’re better than that’ card .That is just faulty logic.

That’s  the card that we have been programmed to accept that says , the only way we can assert we are better is by Taking As Much Crap as We Can. Don’t leave home without it. We can’t just BE better inherently, because that goes against the We’re All God’s Chillun’  premise. That  LIE that states if everyone started off ‘equal’ – by environment, food, and of course schools, and socio-madeup la la la……POOF!  SAME!. But we KNOW that is CRAP.  Just sitting next to someone  code-word-for -White ‘Middle-Class’ doesn’t make one civilized. Doesn’t make one any smarter than they are. Moreover, if they are one of the many Backpackless, it could lead to your kid getting stabbed or shot by a mexican simply for hanging around a White kid.

False Acceptance Memes: Reality : you suck!  Yeah, well you suck my camels in Hell!

False Acceptance Memes: Reality : "you suck!" "Yeah, well you suck my camel."


 It’s part  of the whole This is the Same as That,when it isn’t -and never will be. This is not the same as That. If you’re going to be about this  Whee !Diversity! stuff- then accept a thing for what it really and truly is, not what you want to pretend it is.  You’re still YOU, nomatter how many times you re-make or re-do or re-decorate or plastic surgerize or gain/lose weight, you are still YOU, and they are still ..NOT you. Capisce?


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  1. Charles Martel says:

    Funny. I just bought that book online about 3 weeks ago! I’d remembered when my mother would read that story to me when I was a little boy. ;)

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