The Enemy: Making an INdifference

An excerpt from The Little Red Schoolbook,1971

An excerpt from The Little Red Schoolbook,1971 I could not find the aforementioned book in its entirety, but there are other interesting titles at the above link.

Audio commentary above.

“Nearly all the changes in which you’re allowed to participate are in things which aren’t very important. The real and difficult changes are those which give more and more people power to decide more and more things for themselves”– from The Little Red School Book by Soren Hansen and Jesper Jenson.
Translated from Danish by Berit Thornberry. First published in London by Stage 1, 1971

At one time I might have believed the above lie, a logical fallacy, commie-influenced- that waa waa, we can’t do anything on our own, this crap directed towards kids that “you’re only allowed to participate in things that aren’t important”. They try to make these kids feel ‘oppressed’ by , at least at that time whe the world was not completely screwed up and turned inside out as it is now, that without utter rejection of society, and some collective Mao-ist  groupthink-but-wrapped-in-teen-rebellion-speak-one was basically nothing and had no influence. Even some adults believe they can’t do anything on their own without someone holding a meeting and giving them asignments. Not so.   

Girls that Dont Play with Bratz Dolls

Girls that Don’t Play with Bratz Dolls

 and ones that do:


Dante’s Inferno: Bratz Bday Party- WWBWD (What Would Bishop Williamson Do? One thing for sure, he wouldn’t be supporting this.)

In case you are lucky enough not to know about bratz and still want to, see here

Subverting the Subverters of our Youth: The Anti-Venom

 Earlier tonight I had the experience of a young man coming up to me that recognized me from a local event I had attended at least 2 years ago, who said I commented on the fact he and his friends were not wearing the clothing made popular by MTV , the ‘gangsta-wigger’ look, and how my talking to him and praising them for this fact affected him . He surprised me when he showed me he had marked himself with what looked like a homemade tattoo of a small symbol, and the mention of the word ‘Aryan’  . I was not in a place where I could address this with him, but he is always around and I am sure I will get another chance to discuss that with him further. He had been in some trouble with the law , had told me years ago he had quit drugs- meth to be specific and was now in the process of cleaning up his act. I had checked on him recently but I do this so often with various youth that I didn’t remember the event he brought up , but from things he said- he couldn’t have known these things otherwise, it had to be true.

 I have both praised those kids whom, at least by appearances, have not bought into the DysKulture of today and criticized- gently- always while pointing out something positive about them:

“This may sound totally weird, but  I just wanted to say you girls look really nice. None of you have that Jerry Spinger trashy look. Your parents must have done something right. I just want to thank you for not participating in the destruction of our culture. ”

Uncontrived, modest beauty

Uncontrived, simple beauty

  This  compliments them, points out a source of something to avoid which easily connects the dots to other things they should avoid,shows approval,  and perhaps most importantly-gives them pride in where they came from and how they deserve better than to emulate crap TV, to accept and be proud of who they are rather than affect the dress, speech and mannerisms of others unlike themselves..a man might say “I can’t stand that ‘tramp-stamp’ stuff. It’s really nice to see girls that don’t look like a joke. You girls look intelligent and classy, etc., etc.”

clean cut, healthy-Not a creepy wigger-thug wannabe

normal, clean cut, healthy-

Or…a compliment and criticism-one has to say this with true warmth, not harshness or derision-a man might take a different approach than I would but here is an example- “I can’t understand why you want to dress like that. You’re such a perfect representation of your type, but  this (gesture to offending clothes) just takes away from it- makes me look at the pants falling off -it’s just a distraction from your  great facial structure (or fill in whatever seems most apropriate or best feature). I can totally see how you would look in a nice shirt and pants “. Then smile and sigh. Or sigh and smile. This stokes their male ego and gives them something to aspire to-  the complimentary part will stick in their mind, and like all peacocks- they want to display themselves to their best advantage.

Or..”Your children are so beautiful.  Look at those bright eyes!  Don’t ever say you’re “just a mom”, your job is so important. Probably the most important. I’m glad you didn’t wait forever to have your kids. You get to be young with them, and have more time with them while you have the energy, youth and patience , besides the fact you will have more of your own life with them -You may even get to see your grandchildren grow up- though some think stalling till the last minute preserves their ‘fun, me,me,me’ longer, in actuality if you have your kids younger, you can do all the other stuff later, when you actually know who you are and what you’re interested in- Having kids does limit your ‘alone time’ but in that , you learn what it is you really love to do, and value your free-time more, rather than skip around doing a lot of nothing-and contrary to popular propaganda, you really can still read books and do other things -kids NEED to play by themselves and to figure out how to entertain themselves, explore stuff and be Ok without a ‘guided activity’ every second. If they don’t get this while young, they will grow up into kids and teens that have no interests and no imagination other than TV, videogames ,shopping trips, whining about how they are bored all the time, and other activities than require someone leading them every second.                                  

When you speak to the youth, show warmth, be polite and sincere. Most adults don’t bother or are afraid to approach them. Don’t be. When they reach out to shake your hand first, and introduce themselves, and wave to you days later as a different youth did after I gave him the clothes speech mixed with anti-drug last weekend- and their friend acompanying them actually starts defending himself and saying “I don’t do that stuff, look how I’m dressed, I don’t do drugs! “, it is so very worth it. It is stunningly clear these kids want and appreciate an adult taking an interest in them.

While viewing the you tube video, notice how they perpetuate the idea that if you don’t like this kind of crap foisted off on your children- well then, you must be pro-censorship (insert hysterical label !!! for emphasis EvilNaziRacistHater!!!). Of course this Little Red School Book was full of things that are now standard in most schools: abortion, homosexuality, and so on, and also contained many messages about how to subvert your parents and teachers, most of whom-at least THEN, were against this kind of thing, as the video illustrates showing parents repeatedly saying they DON’T want their kids exposed to this crap. It is interesting to note the contrast of  present day, where both teacher and parents would fully be on board with all of it with the parents and teachers in the video from that time period, whom the directors are trying their best to portray as Uptight Squares. Only now it isn’t about censorship, as no one cares about that, and no one also seems to care about what kids watch on TV, or who they fraternize with-

There is much to criticize about this particular modus operandi of infiltration of the minds of the youth-in this case it was part of Culture Destroying, but the same methods can be utilized to subvert today’s brand of subversion.  

Today’s youth, judging from the positive responses like the one I received tonight, among others -convince me that 1) face to face activism works 2) these kids are largely ignored and/or their parents do not find it important either to dissuade their children from this kind of self-degradation, or the parents simply do not think it is important or meaningful 3) these kids, usually teens -early 20’s are actually longing for a mentor/parental type figure to care about what they are doing. Many of them seem not to have parents at all from the way they seem to behave. Of course some may laugh at the moment, some may seem not to care, some may initially look at you strangely, and some may be beyond the point of being able to have an effect, but some, like the young man tonight- may remember and come up to you years later and thank you.  It’s not the ‘Making a Difference’ meme, it’s the  UNmaking of INdifference. In your caring for them, they in turn care about themselves, individually and collectively.

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