“The pound of flesh, which I demand of him,
Is dearly bought; ’tis mine and I will have it.
If you deny me, fie upon your law!
There is no force in the decrees of Venice.
I stand for judgment: answer; shall I have it?”

                                    Shylock, Merchant of Venice

I blogged about this in January, https://silentconsort.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/celebrate-adversity-anniversary-of-christiannewsom-tortureslayings/ or audio http://www.stormfront.org/audio/stormfront_radio-marykelly-ChannonChris-01-08-08(32).mp3


Videos here:


Channon’s father to Boyd “I hate you”.

“I’ll bet your mom is real proud of you,” he said, looking at Eric Boyd.

“I hate Eric Boyd,” he told the court.

“Don’t you ever think for one second we don’t know what you did. I hate you beyond your comprehension,” he told Eric Boyd.



I’m certain that all the parents feel like they know what Hell is now. 18 years isn’t enough. It devalues the lives of not one, but two young people with much promise.  18 years is cheap, because it makes the assumption that ‘time’ is the way to ‘pay back’. Time and/or death. As is, all of them will be sitting around a very long time, lying in their bunks, eating their shitty prison food on our dime, working out, watching TV. At the very least they should be forced into redundant, boring hard labor. Yes, you heard me right. You can’t function in society enough to be civilized and not kill people or aid/abet them?  Yeah, you can be a slave to the State, like the rest of us, only you go  ‘home’ to where WE say.  Just doing time isn’t enough to pay back for the loss of Channon and Chris, and like I said, it cheapens their existence, what they had already accomplished, the importance and investment of their families, and the promise their lives still held. Their lives being worth roughly 9 years each is a predictable but pathetic display of how our current ‘justice’ system works. What it says to me is that in lieu of what the jurors would have liked to have happen, they are giving him as much as they could. I used to be on the fence with the death penalty- now I would pay to see the rest of them get executed. Properly.

Vangelis and Jon Anderson  “So Far Away, So Clear” , Illustrations from Dore’s ‘ Paradise Lost’.

As well he should HATE boyd and all of them.

18 years isn’t enough , the destroyers of beautiful and good people. They should all die, and not by going to sleep by some magic death potion.  They tortured these kids, I don’t care if boyd didn’t do it himself- he could have done something, he could have –  you don’t have to be particularly smart to know what was going on was wrong and make an effort to stop it. If boyd left, knowing at least Channon was still alive and let them continue, then he should go to the gallows too. What kind of message is it sending to not kill boyd as well? Your friends can torture, rape and kill and you just happened to be there, you’re a-ok?  We know there had to be some kind of plea deal where boyd gave the lawyers some gory details in exchange for not doing longer.  18 years isn’t even as old as either of them, not to mention the rest of the years they might have lived as valuable assets to  the community, loved by their friends and family- the children they will never have. The 18 years seems a joke when we think of what is lost here. And we get to pay for it. Too bad  boyd didn’t rat them out, when he left that hellhouse- they might have surrounded the place, Channon might still be alive, and the cops might have killed the others.

The parents, it is just heartbreaking to watch them on the videos and see how  their lives as well have been destroyed by these.. I don’t even want to say ‘animals’ as animals don’t do things like this.  It’s just Evil, manifesting itself, and perpetrating itself upon us, and we are supposed to say “oh we feel sorry for you, we know you’re not as ‘privileged’ as we supposedly all are- therefore we deserve to be raped, and tortured and killed. Every vicious act upon whites is justified, go ahead, help yourselves, no problem, we will just pay reparations for slavery continuously just  as we pay for more useless social programs that put similac and free rent into creating more boyds and letalvises. We forgive you, black rage bruthas, here take our kids and tear them up, the law will deal with you and we will hug your various mommas and have candlelight vigils… celebrate diversity, free mumia….”

I was relieved I did not hear that from these parents, though we did hear from Newsom’s disillusioned dad, how both kids tried to help black kids and had done more in their short lives than boyd had ever done- and makes mention of some black kid they knew that didn’t have any transportation that Channon and Chris must have helped somehow. I doubt Newsom’s mention of that inspired any kind fof remorse or guilt in boyd, whom according to Newsom, had many felonies BEFORE the murders and he asks “why must we be exposed to these repeat criminals? ” (paraphrased) Channon’s dad has earned the right to Officially Hate. He makes a powerful statement, when he says he hates boyd on the video. I have children and I hate boyd too.

“as we forgive those who trespass against us..”  why do we HAVE to forgive when someone commits the ultimate upon you? The v, torture and murder of our children. Some think exacting Real Justice is worth the price of admission.

and then WE  are always looked at as The Official Bad Guy EvilNaziRacistHater (ENRT)  when we ..

point the finger of blame where it belongs.

In making his own statement, Eric Boyd described to Judge Thomas Varlan the series of events as he remembered them.

“I’m asking for the mercy of the court. I didn’t have to do this, but I did it to make sure this man (Davidson) didn’t hurt nobody else,” Boyd said.

 I didn’t have to do this. Make sure he didn’t hurt anyone else. Yeah right. #1, obviously he made no move to stop what was in progress or alert the cops when it was happening. He gives his statement after the fact, when  he is already named, there is no way to skate  out, and maybe by telling he gets a break. Yeah Eric DeWayne Boyd, you’re a real hero, you’re real swell. You’re asking for MERCY? Where was your mercy for what was happening to Channon and Chris? Oh yeah, there wasn’t any. Obviously the jury agrees.


The Evil creature that is boyd and the others took away what was most precious to these parents- their children. Of COURSE Gary Christian hates him. It’s not Evil and Wrong to Hate someone who either helped or walked away from people killing , raping, making your daughter drink drano- and so on- I’d want to pull the switch/trigger myself. The only catch is- whatever one believes about the death penalty, in many cases legal punishments are simply not enough. You don’t walk away from people violating and torturing a woman and go along your merry way, in search of felonious worlds yet unexplored !

But yes, yes , when are we going to get it that people DO exactly that? When a car gets in an accident , then maybe another and another, or even one very bad one- eventually the insurance company is going to declare it a ‘total’. The killers of Channon and Chris were ‘totals’ long ago, but they were still out there on the road. I would bet the others have a rap sheet as long or longer than boyd. I don’t want to hear that they were on drugs, they were insane, they fell through the cracks, victims of society, the Man kept them down..but not far enough down, apparently.

Short Bus Oppression Excuse -technically/legally wrong , but valid – “I stole the steak to feed my kids.”

Shorter Bus Oppression Excuse-Invalid ! Don’t try this at home or court:

” I had to rape, sodomize, set on fire, shoot, torture and kill those white kids, cause being black sucks, man. I ain’t got no daddy, I’m broke-ass, I got welfare coming after me from 4 baby’s mamas, and everybody treats me like I’m gonna steal something when I go to a store ! Come on man, you don’t know what it be like, are ya feelin me dawg?”

Gary Christian doesn’t only hate because boyd and others took his daughter away, after no doubt using her in every way possible. He hates because he also sees the blankness and lack of remorse, lack of human conscousness that leads people to commit such crimes- in this case- out of the blue. None of those thugs knew Channon and Chris. It wasn’t a ‘level gang playing field’. The kids weren’t armed. They were outnumbered. One of them was female against at least 3-4 males. They just decided to do this for no reason. I don’t want to hear the BS about ‘car-jacking gone bad’. ‘Going bad’ is for milk and leftovers, not for two young people, who loved life and each other, and who were much beloved by others. Gone Bad. How people can write such tripe and not make themselves sick is beyond me. There was no reason for these kids to die, and to die the horrible deaths they did.

Think this kind of stuff makes anyone feel like enrolling in diversity training? or giving to any cause that might sustain any more like this crew? The adopt a poor ‘urban, inner-city’ Christmas tree one inevitably sees at the malls and even groce ry stores around the holidays,  do you feel like giving and being taxed to support endless programs that have little-to-no results? Read through new initiatives carefully. They may try to MAKE new bills sound like they are on your side, but more-often-than-not, they aren’t. They are only trying to come up with More Government, More bureaucracy, More Feel-Good Tax Write-Offs that pay the salaries of their friends-  Vote AGAINST  these propositions. This stuff is beyond Dem/Rep. You don’t have to have this middleman if you want to help someone YOU think is OK. As I said, we want to feel like we have say, like we have control, like we -through our votes or otherwise are Helping Fix Society. But sadly, sometimes there is no ‘fix’. You don’t do this to innocent people because your life is f#cked, you don’t do this because you’re poor, because in your neighborhood-people are violent and kill each other, so you can’t be any different. The “we’re being targeted, we’re being profiled..”  Those are made-up concepts. You are looked at with suspicion because YOU do it MORE. I still haven’t gotten used to pit-bulls, though I know ALL pit bulls aren’t bad. I still don’t want to be around them , or let my kids play with them or be alone with them. You want one? Fine. We both have choice. Those are separate issues, whether or not pit-bulls are genetically pre-disposed to bite, kill etc., and  the choice to own one/be near them.

Dont Reward Future Criminals!

Don't Reward Future Criminals!

No ! It makes us think “Stop having those fatherless crack babies as a way to make a living! We’re sick of it! We’re sick of them jumping around constantly hungry,unsupervised, looking for stuff to break or steal! and paying for their diapers and then car stereos and laptops they steal and then their prison time! ” You think what happened to Channon and Chris makes people want to believe the stuff about how some people are ‘targeted’ by cops and ‘profiled’ ? No, it makes the cops seem justified! I would bet a cop might have seen those killers lurking around, loitering – but didn’t have anything and didn’t want to get in trouble for ‘hassling them’. I would not be surprised if they didn’t already have warrants out for their arrest as it was, before they did this. This is what Gary Christian and his wife have now. This is what Hugh and Mary Newsom have now. Vast emptiness . Look at their faces. Sadness, anger, depression.

Deena and Gary Christian grieve their daughter

Deena and Gary Christian grieve their daughter



Loss, Anger, Pain

Loss, Anger, Pain

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – On Wednesday, the first man to stand trial in connection with the carjacking and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his role as an accessory.

Judge Thomas Varlan handed down the sentence just after 4:00 PM. It was the maximum prison term that Eric Dewayne Boyd could have received.

See Eric Boyd’s lawyer wants leniency for Christian-Newsom accessory http://www.volunteertv.com/news/headlines/30622849.html

Hey Phil, I bet you send your kids to private schools, don’t you, where they will be safe? I bet you live in a White neighborhood – you keep your kids away from the murderous moolinyannies you defend, is that about right? Yeahh, I kinda thought so. Hope you see those kids in your dreams. What is the defense again? “Well, my client didn’t pour the drano. Umm, my client didn’t set the boy on fire. Uhh, he was out getting the pizza for them at the time Assault #45 was being carried out, see we have the video tape from Round Table. Yeah, he may have known what was going on there, but see, he showed compassion by providing them food, which was also found in the stomach contents of victim, so it was shared with her. See, he’s really not such a bad guy…!”

“I hate him, I hate what he did and we all know what he did,” said Gary Christian. “We know why he was convicted right here in this court.

“The pain, suffering and humiliation that they suffered is beyond words from what i have found,” said Hugh Newsom, Christopher’s father.

Prosecutors opened the day by listing Boyd’s extensive criminal history, which once included nine robberies over a two and a half month long stretch alone. Boyd also spent several years in prison before his release about four years before the Christian/Newsom murders.

“It’s pathetic those people were ever out on the street to commit that crime,” said Newsom.

Boyd took the stand for about 10 minutes during the sentencing phase. It was the first time some of the victims’ family members had a chance to hear from him.

“He never showed any remorse and kept saying that because of what he did, they should take away time he should have to serve,” said Dave Bowers, Newsom’s brother-in-law.

The sentencing lasted all day, and after nearly 50 separate hearings in the trial alone, both families seemed mostly pleased with the outcome.

“I told my son that we would get these guys, no matter where they were,” said Mary Newsom, Christopher’s Mother. “I believe we’ve got them and we’re on our way.”

Gary Christian said that even though he got the chance to tell Boyd of his hatred toward him, it didn’t make the pain of Channon’s murder any easier to bear.

“When I get to where I’m going and put my arms around her, then I’ll feel better,” he said.

Both families agree Boyd’s conviction and sentencing was the first battle in a long war they must fight to seek justice for Channon and Christopher. The next suspect who will stand trial in connection to the carjacking and double murder is Letalvis Cobbins. Barring any changes, he will face a jury in January 2009.

10 thoughts on “Boyd gets max 18 yrs,accessory to Christian, Newsom murders

  1. Amelia says:

    Terrible. I cannot stop feeling so sad every time I see this story aired. The interviews brought tears to my eyes. I cannot stop thinking about the family and what they’re going through.

  2. Charles Martel says:

    18 years is not enough for that filthy beast. It’s too bad it wasn’t in California. I could have made sure it would have been within days that his term would (permanently) end.

  3. C.,
    Just doing time is not enough. 18 years for 2 young lives full of promise, good decent kids- so sick. Of course race had everything to do with it. IS this a hate crime? As I posted somewhere once, that is redundant as usually most of them hate Us. You know those shows like “deadliest catch” , “most dangerous (whatever)” ? Maybe there should be a show called “deadliest (fill in the blank)” .

    So let me see if I get this straight- Walker gets 7 years for a bar fight- not to mention other imprisoned WNs who did nothing more than post on forums or write articles- no one DIES, no one raped, no one tortured, no one set on fire, no one sodomized, no one forced to drink drano, no one shot, no one suffocated and this creep boyd gets only twice that for being an accessory to a double murder which includes all of those things. Tell me, C., what does that say about the value of Our Lives as opposed to perpetuating the = equal lie, and the suffocation of truth in media? If you can’t control your impulses to the point where you HAVE to victimize people, you don’t belong in society. Period.

    I guess you can lead a (codecodecode) to civilization, but you can’t make it evolve.
    The Duke U boys- they sure got a lot of media coverage, and they were proven to be innocent, but man the media was all over them. https://silentconsort.wordpress.com/2008/10/05/revisiting-the-duke-university-rape-farce/

  4. TBTB are most afraid of white people. They understand blacks can burn down a city, but united white people can take away their racket. Its white words they fear more than black thuggery which explains their harsh treatment of anyone working towards white racial unity.

  5. Justice4CNCC says:

    I sat in the courtroom as boyd pleaded for his ass to get leniency. That’s right. How much leniency did he and the other savages give to either one of those kids? None of these 5 charged deserve to see the light of day again.
    9 years for each life taken thus far. 9 years. I trust my “Shepards” that boyd’s time will go quickly. His back is not the only thing he should be watching out for.

  6. LorMarie says:

    I was wondering what became of this case.

  7. Doing things like this to Whites doesn’t ‘make-up’ for slavery, or avenge it. I’ve said many times, for whatever my politically incorrect beliefs are, or the fact I don’t believe everyone is ‘=’ , including myself- there’s a lot of people I’m not = to in many regards- and thank god for that! For all, that I still maintain slavery was not only wrong, but dumb- and here we are paying the long-term consequences. That is NOT to suggest Whitey ‘deserves it’.
    The thing is, if you want TV, internet, supermarkets and want to get away from the mentality of the jungle, dog-eat-dog, mud huts,starvation and diarrhea one has to take on at least a semblance of civilized behavior. There’s quite a lot of fake-do-gooder white liberal types who are actually quite selfish and when you know them in person, all that NPR soft compassionate talk goes away. They only want to ‘tolerate’ at a distance, because that isn’t really having to deal with anything real at all. If you think these moneyed, extreme white liberals are actually on your side, you are mistaken.

    Sometimes one might unknowingly align oneself with another group that claims to be helpless and vilified, but in actuality, runs the game. Yeah the economy is going down, the border is open, and Big White is going down- however, what you need to get is that this doesn’t necessarily help you or your people. You want your hair to stand on end? Listen to your own people speak about it , hear the guy from some music group Public Enemy state that his acknowledgment of these facts got him kicked out of the band- hear
    in their own voices as they describe that what they are saying is not ‘made-up’ -it is documented and taken from the source itself:


    The higher strata of whites have found a new class they can exploit and enslave to get rich off, but this isn’t some guy on a tobacco or cotton plantation. The mexican invasion – yes it exploits them, but it also screws over you and me, taking jobs from especially poor, southern blacks , and other lower-wage workers- janitorial, various food/hotel/transportation service jobs blacks traditionally held- and making everyone, through taxes and whatever comes out of your paycheck pay for their fake ID SSN’s.

    Yes, not only are they breeding like rabbits and closing hospitals running to ER rooms, undercutting skilled tradesmen so corrupt and greedy contractors can get rich and the average Joe roofer can’t feed his family (why should the contractor pay Joe a real age when he can hire an illegal for 5 bucks and hour and stick the rest of society will pay for the mexican’s health insurance, SSDI employee insurance, food and section-8 rent)? Not to even mention the prison/cops/ hit-and-run/crime problem- not ONLY are they doing all that, but yes, they are managing to scam social security, taking money away from elderly citizens who have been here all their lives and paid into the system.

  8. Shortest-Bus Quote of the day :
    Leyden says “racism today is also hidden behind highly intelligent people. ” As opposed to…. the non-thinking types who simply chow down on whatever slop the media cafeteria slings at their brain-tray? Cuckoo’s Nest much?


    On these ISTS and ISMS and ‘Hate’ this and that-
    Just an afterthought, something I expressed probably what is now years ago on a forum is that it’s important we reject the terms put upon us. We are not ‘Haters’ , we are not ‘ISTS’ . We are not made-up categories and names those so deathly afraid of the truth cast at us. We must not internalize this Actual Hate. The hate of truth, and those who dare to call attention to the many wrongs being perpetrated upon us. The things we want are natural and good. Sustainable, unlike the way things are now, in this false oxymoron world of Everyone is the Same Yet Everyone is Diverse (different- Di- Latin root word- as in Divide, Dichotomy) .

    More associated with L. diversus, and since c.1700 restricted to the meaning “different in character or quality.”

    Again, reject their frame of reference, refuse to accept their constructs.

    The etymology site is very interesting.
    c.1391, from L. æqualis “uniform, identical, equal,” from æquus “level, even, just,”

  9. LorMarie says:

    Doing things like this to Whites doesn’t ‘make-up’ for slavery, or avenge it.–SilentConsort

    I personally don’t believe that slavery has to be “made up” for. Blacks don’t have the market cornered on being victims of slavery. I’d have to say though, I don’t know of anyone who wants to get back at whites for slavery…at least not in the mainstream.

    I’ve said many times, for whatever my politically incorrect beliefs are, or the fact I don’t believe everyone is ‘=’ , including myself- there’s a lot of people I’m not = to in many regards- and thank god for that!–SilentConsort

    I don’t believe that everyone is = as =ity relates to individuals. There are those who are = to me and those who are inferior to me. I don’t believe that entire groups of people are superior to other groups. I think that’s what the left means when they talk about equality and diversity. Equality means that people are of equal value no matter what their race. There are, I will admit, exceptions to that rule.

    They only want to ‘tolerate’ at a distance, because that isn’t really having to deal with anything real at all. If you think these moneyed, extreme white liberals are actually on your side, you are mistaken.–SilentConsort

    It is my humble opinion that white do-gooder liberals and their black counterparts do harm to the groups they claim to protect. Their intentions may be pure, but their actions and results are anything but. They have created a climate that excuses black criminal behavior. Take Dunbar village as an example. Who cares that a mother and her child were brutally raped by black thugs. Liberals are more concerned that the rapists get a fair trial than justice for the victims. Also look at the case of Oscar Grant. From what I’ve read, he was a black thug causing trouble on a train who ended up getting shot and killed by a white police officer. I don’t advocate killing, but Grant was a trouble maker who died because of what HE DECIDED TO BE INVOLVED IN. But liberal radio is making this guy out to be some kind of martyr. So on that point, I agree with you. Liberals are the worst.

    Re: Mexican Invasion

    That’s a tough call for me. In my neck of the woods, I see Mexicans and other latinos standing on street corners waiting for work. I don’t see too many of them mugging people to get money. While I sympathize with those who say that they are taking too many jobs, I do respect the fact that they are at least trying to make a living here.

  10. "Nordicelt" says:

    I am an older , “White”, man,..Channon, & Chris, could have been my childrn, or my grand children,..& I “HATE”, those “NEGRO” sub humans, who did this awful thing,..& I,..”HATE”,..with an equal intensity, those “Politically Correct”, “Whites”, who make excuses, for these kinds of “God Forsaken” creatures, that would do this kind of thing,..A prison term, of ,whatever length, is not enough, of a punishment, to pay for this act,..Indeed,..they will just continue there “Raping”,ways in prison, where “Black on White”, homosexual gang rape is a way of life,..NO,..the earth needs to be “cleansed”,of their vile & contaminating presents,..they need to die,..

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