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Illegal Kills Father and Sons, Grieving Wife/Mother to Sue SF for Illegal Sanctuary City Policy contributing to the deaths of her husband and 2 sons-

Mrs. Bologna  lost her husband and two sons because of an illegal alien . Here he is with his anchor baby to be, looking ever the proud papa- before he took someone else’s family and her potential grandchildren away. I wonder if she remembers hearing about the Tim Griffith  case , some years ago-

SF shielded this guy even though he was a member of a notorious gang.  This is not an isolated incident. Most terrible things called that are exactly the opposite. You are being lied to. This kind of thing is far more common than you think.  Check it out for yourself.

Lawyers for Bologna’s wife and his two surviving children assert in the claim that the city’s sanctuary policy was illegal, reckless and a “substantial factor” in the slayings.

The claim says the city knew that Ramos was an illegal immigrant and was part of a gang, the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), that attacked Latinos and African American men who were not members of the gang.

SF Woman to sue SF for loss of her husband and sons over ‘Sanctuary City’ for illegal mexicans. For more on this story, see  this search result page : or this link , in which you can follow how this story was handled in the media, as well as see other stories about recent cases re SF and illegals.

Balloon 1.99 at corner market. Gangsta-mama maternity lingerie 5.99 Kmart. Gang color shirt: 11.99, Mervyn’s.  Anchor Baby w/ daddy in prison: Priceless.

Your Sanctuary City Sucks, Gav.

The SF gate media totally spun this story, pages back on the search function- when it started it was “road rage”, then it was “gang-related”, then it was “oh, um, the guy thought the victims were gang members”…uhh -so that would be a defense? Does that make the non-gang member victims less DEAD? Then the lawyer , which he should not even have, on our dime , says “Ramos‘ lawyer, Robert Amparan, argued that media coverage of the case – specifically, a story in The Chronicle revealing that Ramos had twice committed felonies as a juvenile but had been shielded from possible deportation to his native El Salvador – had violated his client’s fair trial rights. ”  But DOES he have any rights? None of this is an excuse for what he did. Blame the media, blame the victims, blame road rage, blame society , blame poverty, blame everything except the criminal. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

Like a bad download from the now-defunct Napster, the illegal problem varies between screeching static annoyance and playing the same lyric over and over. Illegal, murder, gang, welfare, graffiti, noise, DUI with no punishment, SF sanctuary BS, no consequences, getting over on taxpayer suckers, more murder, more welfare, more section 8, San Jose little Ensenada, more anchor babies – SCREECHHH SCRAATTTCHH , skip , skip, murder, hospitals closing, day workers hanging around, welfare babies, skippp, skip.. housing vouchers, hearing that annoying sing-song babbling speech, Murder, anchor babies, cockroaches, noise, graffiti , SCRREEEECHHH..Uh Oh the anti-virus protection pops up, something is very wrong! Abort, Retry, Fail.

DO SOMETHING MUCH NEWSOM?  Come ON- WTF do they even pay you for?  Are you just a tool of your WASP do-gooder or otherwise- liberal  Masters? You sleep well at night knowing this woman lost her family because of policies YOU support? Because YOU aren’t pushing to do what is RIGHT? Because YOU protect these uncivilized violent illegals even after they are busted FIVE TIMES? You don’t give a *&^ do you? You ever read the comments at the bottom of the page on these stories? The TRUTH is that SF is NOT the Accepting, Tolerant Mecca people think it is. They sure look disgusted. They sure look angry.  Protecting illegal, Honduran drug dealing minors? Jeeze, aren’t you supposed to work for the GOOD of the city? It’s not that hard to grasp, Gav. Death , tuberculosis, dumbing down the schools, overtaxing the social programs, hospitals churning out anchor babies, emergency rooms full of knifing victims, pissing and worse on the streets, loitering, noise, etc?  Get your face out of your blackberry and DEAL WITH IT. Or RESIGN .

Gav sucking up to the media

There is No Sanctuary

-one day realizing the folly of ‘Sanctuary’ , the next reversing it.

There is No Sanctuary

“There is no Sanctuary”

The premise illustrated in Logan’s Run  was that Sanctuary represents Freedom, Freedom FROM, not Freedom TO- and in the case of the sandman and his consort, safety from certain death on the carousel. In the movie, people didn’t want the Actual World outside their bubble. They believed what they were told, and gleefully went on to their demise , letting themselves be executed. Remember the old man, Peter Ustinov at the end?  Well, Mrs Bologna’s husband and sons- none of them will never live to be old and grey because of San Francisco’s false sanctuary policy.  Freedom to grow up, grow old, find beauty in nature, real peace and love. If you keep allowing this criminal element in and participating in Forced Tolerance Programs no matter what people do – you take away Real Sanctuary for the rest of all of us. But some people say, Is THIS all there is? Do we have to DIE? MUST we live this way? They see there is a way out, the bushian premise is the LIE, the Lie that “we can’t do anything’. BS. Yes, we CAN. We don’t HAVE to accept this. They CAN be sent BACK. We COULD BUILD a REAL WALL, rather than fund this Scam War. We don’t HAVE to accept the whole third world, and thrust these people into a society they have no idea how to live in. Real Sanctuary is NOT HAVING to have our families destroyed by mexican illegals. Real Sanctuary is not being FORCED to accept the Unacceptable.

People are going to realize that the Magic Wand of Equality doesn’t work just because we just say “abracadabra, diversity is grand”. Right now , like the people in the bubble in the movie,they believe it. But they won’t always. They will find out that they don’t have to put up with being told Wrong is Right, and that There is No Choice, that We Can’t Do Anything about the Problem of Illegals. Young people are going to be unhappy with reading the foreclosures in the back of the paper and noticing the names are almost all a mexican variant- they will be angry that they cannot obtain a loan because of this- older people are angry that their property values have fallen because of the lending to people who obviously would not be able to make a balloon payment, let alone have secure or gainful employ. Even people who once believed in the idea of “just treat everyone the same, everyone well, give everyone a chance to play for the American dream” are starting to see that doesn’t work when people disregard the rules and try to kill the other players. You can’t just get anyone and everyone in there and expect the same results as with the first batch of people who started this nation. There’s no such thing as Equal =  Gav. The illusion of kindness and fairness to all is getting people killed, it is breaking our financial system, our social programs, our day to day life. Remember that song by Nick Lowe, ‘Cruel to be Kind’?

That was 1979, the end of disco and 70’s drug-rock, the beginning of upbeat songs, not about baby’s daddy’s and kill whitey.You see that? You see those people having fun, dancing around, happy, loving each other, enjoying life, looking forward to their future? I want you to notice how no one in that video is glorifying being a ‘gangsta’.  Oh Right, I forgot, that video is just too dang WHITE, right? It does not represent the Barrio. And if that is what you are thinking, does that conclusion serve to support your position ….or MINE?  You see that light-hearted, happy spirit of people not only not killing each other, but HAPPY.

Your Social Justice model  is the fairy dust, the Construct.  You’re not really taking it from us, and giving it to them, a la Robin Hood- you are just ruining the whole thing.  In your Kind to Be Cruel world, the boy doesn’t only not get the girl, he doesn’t even get to grow up. Go talk to Mrs. Bologna, about Tolerance and Sanctuary. Mr. Newsom recently got married. I bet Mrs. Bologna remembers her wedding, and thinks of how she will never attend those of her sons. All this grief because of one illegal, not to mention his previous record , for which he was never deported, but protected. The baby’s mama pictured at top can say “your daddy is a serial killer, a triple murderer..but he has great street cred!”. You didn’t do any of them a favor by looking the other way, by letting them in. You are not succeeding in Equity and Justice, you are destroying any sense of same!

Panel urges S.F. to help teen immigrant felons

Newsom announced his new policy July 2 after The Chronicle reported that federal officials had warned the city that it was illegally providing offenders free flights home and paying for them to live in group homes outside the city in lieu of deportation and that several had fled from unlocked group homes.

Two days earlier, Newsom said he had no direct authority to order the change but then reversed course as the controversy grew. Since then, according to Newsom’s aides, the mayor’s office has been doing a “top-to-bottom” review of San Francisco’s practices and programs under the sanctuary law.

Note the part about “as controversy grew”. That means we HAVE to agitate. The SF Gate site is filled with comments that do not reflect the fake rainbow-brite world. Real People are NOT  FOR this.

The San Mateo County stabbing was especially vicious, authorities said – a top prosecutor said the victim had been “gutted, like you gut a pig.”

This little scumbag above reminds me of one of the punks in this  icky indie film below . This came out a few yers ago-WN will really love to hate this movie. I think it is up on you tube in pieces. Of course there is every vile, lying meme included. Like rich girls from Beverly Hills want to roll around with skateboarding anchor babies and every time you see a WHite guy, he’s a fag or getting his ass kicked by a skater cholo. Yeah right. Is that the only way the film makers could even TRY to make them seem cool and get away from the ‘they’re  ONLY gang members’ deal? They have to invent skateboarding mexicans.

Another case , illegal underage shielded by SF sanctuary  crap

The case of Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun, now 19, a native of Mexico, is the second in which a youthful offender protected from deportation in San Francisco has later been arrested for a violent crime as an adult.




Illegal immigrant arrested 5 times before feds told

If Mayor Gavin Newsom is serious about tightening up San Francisco’s sanctuary laws, he might want to take a look at the case of Marco Martinez – a 26-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador who has been arrested by police five times in the past year and a half for allegedly selling crack cocaine but has never wound up in the feds’ hands.


(07-30) 12:43 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — About a dozen members of the Minutemen, a group that patrols the U.S.-Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out, stood on the San Francisco City Hall steps Wednesday to decry the city’s sanctuary policy and demand that Mayor Gavin Newsom resign.

A brave soul, surrounded by Them. A man who probably pays taxes which support this farce. Note signs in background.

More Men who stand against this utter rotting of a beautiful place. California is not a Mission Tortilla. It is not a pickup truck jammed with 3-4 illegals.
We had it all, and we should have it BACK.


THEY who have no real argument. They who invade and kill us, protest the Minutemen:

Anyone reading this blog who wants to go up against this kind of mob?
I know some of you already have. They have some chutzpah to call the Minutemen ‘Border Thugs’.

Look at this guy, one of the 6% of the black population still in SF?  He really shouldn’t be thrilled mestizos are in his ‘hood. He probably has been sold into Multiculturalism Slavery, a  plantation usually made up of Whites, field or house, that suggests if you are black , or gay or whatever, that all ‘oppressed’ or even formerly oppressed groups have to Tolerate and Accept  Anything and Everything. Love everyone and everything. Well, got news. Ya don’t have to. You don’t have to like everyone or believe in Equality.  You can believe what you want here, but you’re supposed to follow the law. Illegals are just that, not supposed to be here, supposed to be sent back, pronto. Giant black dude, you think hordes of mexicans make YOUR life and your people’s lives better? Go down to south central and see what the blacks down there think about illegals.

Dude, you think mexicans would fight for you if you were the illegal?

11 thoughts on “Long Rant:San Francisco-Illegals, Corruption, Murder, Lawlessness-

  1. California is lost! And when it all falls to hell, it will cry to the rest of the country to send $$. Land of fruits and nuts and illegals! Vaya con Dios, California.

    Good luck to any patriots there. I admire your page and wish you luck. My guess is you’ll follow the millions of others and leave California to the libs and illegals.

  2. Charles Martel says:

    That savefile site won’t let me download unless I install their activeX control and their cookie. Sorry, no can do. activeX controls are like VD to a computer.

  3. Charles,

    I haven’t heard active X was what you say- have to check that out. I went to the site using my firefox browser and didn’t get any messages like that at all. I know in IE, you can set the security very high to block almost everything, but many sites use active X and scripting.

    If you have antivirus/spyware/firewall etc., you should be all right- as far as cookies, almost every site puts cookies on your machine, whether they ask you or not. If you click on any forum page with your right-click on the mouse, (this is if you are using firefox) and highlight ‘view page info’ in the list that comes up, you will see under the ‘permissions’ tab cookie stuff. Also if you go to the top of firefox tools>options>privacy. Cookies are not really that big of a thing to be worried about. Oy vey, that’s enough tech stuff.

  4. AWD- I like your site, I’d say ‘unapologetic’, but I think you graduated from ‘unapologetic’ a while ago. Keep it up!

  5. A says:

    Skype me when you get a chance, some kind of virus has knocked me offline.

  6. Charles Martel says:

    ActiveX controls are a well known source of virii going back almost a decade. You fein ignorance to them?

    I would think you’d know this…When you figure it out, I’ll post again.

    I’m no idiot. And I know when I smell ashkenazi blood…that stench is not easily mistaken….not…

  7. Charles, I know internet explorer has an option in the security to disable active x, just like various security software programs. I don’t ever recall getting an active X warning from posting on many wordpress blogs using firefox, IE and other browsers.

    If you want, I could send you the file via pando if you use that, I discovered that a couple of years ago, it’s pretty nifty.
    When I figure it out? Sigh. When I find a good file host, or free place to upload all my sound files, I will post it somewhere on this blog or make a page for only audio stuff.

    As for those last couple of statements “I’m no idiot” ” Ashkenazi blood?” Huh? Dude- what the hell are you talking about? You think that savefile sharing site is some kind of jewish spy deal because it uses active x? To quote Carolyn Ingalls “Oh, Charles.” No more caffeine for you after 4pm.

    Oh and not to be a spelling nazi, but it’s ‘feign’ not ‘fein’, unless of course you are in the Sinn Fein.

    Ya know, it’s almost kind of heartwarming someone giving me crap at 1:30 am. I know, no life. Hey, relax.

  8. pinosa pudex says:

    Great article this site is best stuff on the internet.

  9. FOLLOW-UP :

    One of those illegals , the one who almost disemboweled a man Uc-Cahun, pictured in my article- now we will have to pay for him to rot in prison for 21 years, though he prob won’t do all that time, and bet they won’t deport him by then. THEN deport him.At least he won’t be making kids, but we shouldn’t have to pay for him PERIOD.

    “He was not deported, despite his illegal status, because of San Francisco’s sanctuary program, Wagstaffe said”


    article at link above states: The district attorney’s office, however, offered Uc-Cahun a sentence of a little more than 21 years in prison instead.

    “We felt it fit the crime and was sufficient,” Stauffer said.

    He expects that Uc-Cahun will be sent back to Mexico after prison.

    “The federal government will deport him after he serves his time,”
    Stauffer said. “That’s their job. We don’t have anything to do with that.”

  10. Mike says:

    This just proves how all you Americans are racists fat slobs! No wonder you motherfuckers got attacked on September 11th. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed in my pants.


    SAN FRANCISCO should be sued for every penny in all its banks and city treasury and gavin newsom should be hauled into court and fined into the poor house!

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