update : count of children is higher than 416- http://gosanangelo.com/news/2008/apr/22/judge-urges-case-by-case-considerations-new-more/


by Mia

…all totalitarianisms try to control sex and reproduction one way or another..the regime is busily exterminating nuns, Baptists, Quakers and so forth in the same way the Bolsheviks exterminated the Mensheviks…the free choice of a loved one — when denied by a regime or a culture — is going to happen anyway… I would like to congratulate the students, parents and teachers who have supported the use of my book in Advanced Placement courses. They have aligned themselves against the censors, book-banners and book-burners throughout the ages and have stood up for open discussion and a free expression of opinion — which, last time I looked, was still the American way, though that way is under pressure. –

Thus spake Margaret Atwood, writer of  The Handmaid’s Tale–  a novel set in a dystopian future, described as ‘feminist literature’, outlining the results of what many would be perceive to be ”Patriarchy Gone Wild’. However, beyond a  natural male/female dynamic that has been all but driven underground and repressed- lies the idea of the Totalitarian State. Big Brother. Is it here already , Margaret?


FLDS: Government Hate Crime Victims


~~~~Mothers who brought babies and young children onto their own cots to cuddle and comfort were told to put them back in cribs, the women said. http://blogs.sltrib.com/plurallife/

The women said they learned from their attorneys yesterday that Walther had relented and asked CPS to let nursing mothers remain with their children. Velvet woke at 2 a.m. Thursday and began making a list of women who were breast-feeding. She gave the list to a lead CPS worker ”so she would know which children could stay with their mothers.”


                            Like many people watching the news and trying to make sense of what I hear- from a perspective not that of the mainstream myself, I was still astonished at the speed and efficiency of which the raids on this ranch/homes were conducted. Having heard that  in all likelihood was no ‘Sarah’, a troubled teen* living under the albeit fictionalized oppressive thumb of the FLDS , a teen who allegedly asked for help in order to escape- I can only come to some conclusions regarding why, during a time of war, illegal invasion and the dollar’s decline, it is important to expend so much time , money and energy conducting a modern-day witch hunt upon fundamentalist Mormons.

In general, people only work with what they are given, operating from a standard of “Well, what do the pundits say? The CNN anchorperson said X, it must be true, they must be right, because they are the bestowers of Truth as We Know it . Thes epeople are a cult, they’r esick, they’r emolesters, they’re this, they’re that “. Don’t trust TV. Think for yourself. Go deeper. Like the windows explorer, keep hitting the little folder with the ‘up’ arrow to take it to the next level.

Are the the reasons  for this raid  what the TV says they are- have nothing to do with this alleged call. Now they are saying the call was most likely a hoax, “but there are girls there that fit the description”, so that makes it OK. I suppose if I call up saying I am a 14 year old in the ghetto and my mom is on crack and leaves every night to turn tricks while I care for the other younger siblings, that there would be a ull on swat-team raid on Hunter’s Point, San Francisco. Yeah, as if.  The colonies of future inmates and criminals- that is ok because thyey are  not a ‘cult’ , right?  The underprivileged, society’s unfortunates ‘the poor will alway be with us’ , it is ‘our fault’ -We have cultivated ghettos- created  ‘baby’s daddies’  to all yet fathers to none- the state became father- They are not taking care of each other and supporting themselves, raising secure, nonvicious children like (F)LDS. No, these uually humongous, unctuous lycra-clothed mamas- they doexactly what they are supposed to do- living off the government while breeding litters that will go into foster care- with a criminal career before prison costs us even more . In the eyes of those who would destroy a nation, and become the New Whites these ghetto-dwellers are doing their part, ‘making a difference’. Taking a wrecking ball to the acropolis would also be ‘making a difference.’ How I loathe that phrase, for it assumes difference/change/diversity is oh-so-wonderful.  

 I could say I was in the mountains of Appalachia,  had no shoes, and my mother was lying drunk in the railroad car we live in, and it wasn’t just me, everyone else was as bad off. What is the difference between one group of similar people living together in close quarters and another? If the premise is ‘Children are in danger,! We must do something! Best interest of the child! (according to whom?)” then why do they not raid and kidnap all these other kids? Oh that’s right- in those situations they have to fight to keep the kids with their mama’s because the last thing they want is to add to the legions of  the unadoptable. 

Of course the mainstream media will write  about their oppression, which causes neglect- always money is to blame and education/programs the way out; EternalWhite Guilt provacation. We pay reparations not only in welfare, projects, and prisons- but in the endless array of ‘helper programs’ that do not help. At the same time, they will describe the products of these murder breeding colonies as ‘lively, independent, friendly, etc’  the same way an apartments are decribed as ‘cozy’= small, ‘character’= paint peeling – As if, oh, these ghetto kids doomed to crime are just diamonds in the rough.  These ‘communities’ are not organized- these streets of decay and violence. They are not raising Spartans in the projects. http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/prehistory/aegean/culture/spartaculture.html

No one has any great adjectives for the children of the FLDS- because they have no need for apologetic language to cover up what they really are.  Rather than point out the obvious about what these children do not suffer from, how they are not smothering or bashing their siblings heads in, or giving other children skull fractures at school ( see my post on Zachary Cataldo)  they say FLDS kids are abused, neglected and deprived of mainstream America, and of course  blame and try and make the parents look evil.  Books like ‘Daddy’s Roomate’ or  ‘The Day daddy moved Out’ or  ‘Judy has two mommies’ and a ‘donor daddy’ – that is just fine and dandy- taught in school as part of Gay/Non-Nuclear familiy acceptance- but 2 or more mommies is not OK if the mommies are not gay, and the father is on the scene.

 Even Madonna and Angelina, with all their white-guilt/hollywood attention accessory children will not be adopting from the ghetto. No, there will be no raids in San Francisco, the sanctuary city for illegals. There will not be, because the government  is not  worried about them, as was evidenced by ghettos, barrios/Katrina, but we are supposed to believe that what amounts to child kidnapping in Texas resulted from only  a phone call. We are supposed to believe none of this was planned , it all just sort of happened that week. As I said, don’t believe the TV. Sure it is possible that it could have happened like that, and the government certainly has the resources, but why SHOULD you believe it happened as they told you, just because it is THEY who told you?  This is not really a case of “What about the children?” I can hear in my head the predictable pap regurgitated down the gullets of college youth, who will parrot back in response:

” Yes teacher ,it is all about the systems  and culture of oppression of women and children, even when it really isn’t them making the  call for help. We must take a stand against abuse! We must rescue children from clean-living, well-taken-care of circumstances. We must stop them from wearing feminine Little-House-on-the-Prairie clothing. It’s really about ‘gender inequities That’s what it’s really about. It’s about inequality. It’s about ‘social justice ,it’s about freeing the cheeldrrun from the oppressive ranch. Yes, they need to be in foster homes, away from their real mother(s), where they can eat Cheeto’s and watch MTV and American Idolatry. They need to be assimilated into society. We need to rescue the kids and the mothers! We could give them a choice, come with the kids and leave? We could set up shelters for them, and get them new clothes from the white liberal ladies auxillary ‘Ruth’s Closet’, then we could set them up with some job training.  They can sew, can’t they?  They could start their own sweatshop business, then they would feel empowered – then they could their kids into school and maybe qualify for some kind of government aid through the ‘from ranch to work’  program ”

The White Male (and his family) is dead! Long Live The State!

These groups have been around a long time, the official split from LDS happened in the 1930’s but they were living the same way long before that. They actually were the original LDS. So, this leads me to ponder.. what criteria have they only now met to warrant these raids, the taking away of children from their parents? Are they being made an example, as in ‘Don’t think you can get away with existing outside the mainstream, we will get you eventually.’ Or like the new CA homeschooling proposition requiring parents to have a teaching credential, is it Big Brother looking towards the future and seeing a threat down the road? Is it trying to STOP something or PREVENT something? Is it a coincidence a man with an LDS background ran for president and now this? About now I will be accused of having a tin-foil hat, there is no conspiracy, that depriving parents of their rights, from schooling to even be parents of their children is OK and normal if the state thinks you don’t fit in.  This is not a yellow brick road, but red.

Things aren’t exactly going swimmingly in America these days, in case you haven’t noticed. We are entrenched in a war with Iraq, the dollar is sinking, illegals are invading, causing hospitals to close and over-taxing social programs, property values are falling, banks are in trouble, kids are failing high school exit exams, weird diseases we thought were a thing of the past are coming back, like multi drug resistant TB- there seems no end to the drive-by shootings that pepper the streets of the inner city -the list goes on and on. How do we respond to this? Do we become more afraid, in the shadow of Big Brother flexing his muscle upon these people? Do we conform and become ever-quieter? In the words of the vilified FLDS, do we ‘keep sweet’ and take it?

First they came for the home schoolers, and I did not speak, because I was not a home schooler- then they came for the FLDS…

Four Hundred and Sixteen+ Children Taken

Some  nationalists may  sympathize with the plight of FLDS, as we too feel we have been robbed of our own children’s future, if not their present as these the count is up to 460 +something- children have been . Freedom of association, the freedom to live with whom we wish, live as we wish, to accept or reject the mainstream, to practice whatever religion we wish. We see the loss of their children/women akin to our own- a direct and symbolic distillation of the loss we feel in losing our country and what it once stood for- freedom to believe as we wish, harming no one and raising our children the way we see fit, without government regulation and interference.

We see your loss not unlike suffering from a terminal illness that we are all sick with.  How does it hurt us? Let me count the ways:  It hurts us physically by  putting us under threat of violence and hurting the income earning potential of the head of households, by illegals sucking up blue collar construction and white-collar  being outsourced, mom and pop stores being shut down by big-box competition. More people that should not even be here creating more pollution, noise, garbage, and illnesses we thought were long eradicated. It hurts us mentally, the stress of having to live around  people who have no concept of  quiet and privacy, of indoor and outdoor life , thinking disturbing others constantly is  just the ‘thing to do’, and ‘hey, tolerate me or you suck, you’re a hater.’  It hurts us  in every way possible- it is hurting us ALL, not only the FLDS, they are just an easy target to go after directly.

Having to assimilate to those invading US hurts our collective soul, makes  us sick, depressed, breaks our heart- that the things that caused us to once develop new cures, create works of art, inventions, architecture- is being killed off- how do we find those things within ourselves to share with the world, when we have had the equivalent of a racial root canal-the living pulp scraped out and covered over with  a crown of pretend patriotism, suicidal tolerance,  and obsessive/compulsive adherence to this made-up new bible called Political Correctness?

Pulling Equal out of a Hat:

We watch not only our freedoms fall away, like the hair of a chemo patient- but we also are watching our possibilities of choice fall away- even if we play the game, pay our taxes, have a small amount of kids, spend every free moment earning and buying ,even the chance to do that has been usurped by  untrammeled immigration and minority quotas regardless of merit, laws that try to be ‘fair’ but in actuality don’t really help anyone, just by making things look ‘equal’ – looking isn’t being. Just because someone says ., “Ok, I’ve waved my magic wand, now We , the Bestowers of Equal, have fixed it”, does not make it so. Yet they do their best to force us all together , hoping some of our run-off will help those further down. One presidential candidate, one talk-show host, these figureheads of ‘equality’ do not equal make.

The ‘magic’ method of equality-believers has failed miserably. The Equality Spell hasn’t truly helped those still ‘left behind’ , and has hurt (whites) us, who at least at one time, were the ones at the helm of this ship we call America. Big Brother does whatever it wants and calls it neat-o feel-good names in hopes that average people will also want to feel noble and good, whether the results work or make things worse. Has our lack of border control helped us? No, that’s bad tolerance, yet we go after FLDS with a vengeance , as if they are causing us problems en masse, which they are not. Will Big Brother now take away their community land, build condos and then call the evicted FLDS ‘terrorists’ when they are unhappy with the new deal?

This group had won the ‘opt-out’ game and is being punished and made an example for it. Big Brother is not worried about other groups besides various sections of Whites doing this- when it is those other groups living in little ghetto-y clusters, they are usually entirely dependent upon the government, which is obviously OK with Big Brother. I’m pretty sure none of these other groups who have the unwed, young mothers, drug dealing, prostitution, men having many kids they don’t take care of and so on- they know those groups for whatever reasons don’t have any kind of collective ability to to build anything of substance of tehir own-they can only swim by the big shark and hope little bits of plankton fall out of the sharks mouth. It is highly unlikely Manuel Pablo Enrico Vargas, an anchor baby will run for President here anytime soon. The ‘token minority’ presidential candidate, he was not from ex-slave class, White Guilt-provoking, chip on shoulder, malapropism-using, prison, drugs, guns, ghetto-dwelling, no-daddy-knowing background. That said, I am still disappointed Romney supports ‘100 year in Iraq ‘ McCain.

This despicable nightmare which the parents in FLDS are suffering through are victims of hate, this is related to what I wrote about a couple months ago re Hoarding Whiteness and homeschooling out here in CA, how the state is trying to  require parents to have the equivalent of a teaching certificate to educate their children. Can’t keep that Whiteness on the ranch all by yourselves. Big brother will think you are building another Lebensborn. Can’t have all kind of White kids being born and raised by their mothers . O.M.G. That is dangerous. They must be stopped. https://silentconsort.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/homeschooling-fight-thou-must-share-whiteness/

This is happening in America, the place that is supposed to be all about ‘tolerance’ and acceptance of differences- celebrate diversity no less. Well, this despicable nightmare in which the parents and children in FLDS are suffering is as hateful and intolerant as it gets, hence government Hate and Hypocrisy. Obviously , most of us were not raised on an FLDS ranch with more than one mother, Mormon or otherwise, but that is not the point. One doesn’t have to approve or condone of their religion or way of life to see that these people were not harming anyone and it is just plain wrong to come in and take their children away. They did not come in and ask the women and kids if they wanted to go, if they were being held against their will, if they felt oppressed or miserable or abused. This is not about choice, get it?

In the case of the FLDS, it is now the sickness of mourning – separation from those we love, the pain of knowing we can never go back or fit in without sacrificing what we believe inside, the tears and ache of longing to  live closely with whom we love in the way we wish to when the system sets it up to be nigh-impossible, and any chance or inroad one does make  gets stripped away. If one says the wrong things, believes the wrong things, or as the 80’s self help book admonished , ‘loves too much’- we lose it all, and can love no one. Don’t tell me who we can love, who we do love, how many kids I/he can have, who we should live with ,where we can live and what that should ‘look like’, what religion is or is not acceptable, how kids should learn and with whom they should play.

You are not my family , Big Brother Commie-Feminist-Multi-Culti-Pseudogod. GET OFF MY LAWN! LEAVE US ALONE.

The more they vilify us and kick us, hoping to keep us down if not by the amount of lithium in our drinking water , the droning salve of TV, liturgical rants of the pundits about terror, corporate greed, enforced multi-culti at any price agenda- the MORE  hate and separatism that breeds, not less. We LIKE being who we are, we don’t want to be racially, culturally, religiously, scholastically, mentally, and spiritually castrated, though they are trying to do their best to achieve this, sending our young men to die, taking a whole crop of young White kids out of the FLDS community to do gawd-knows-what with. Do they plan on recruiting them for the permanent war fixture in the middle east that we all know isn’t ‘just’ 100 years, but forever? Going to try and turn them into the next prepubescent TV teen queens and pretty wussy boys? I’m praying not. I’m hoping the Texas DHS will get class-action sued over what looks to me what can only have been a set-up. FLDS  should turn this back on them if they have the means.

The things we grew up believing about this country are constantly being undermined and chipped away. We are grateful we may still have our family or at least our children, if they have not already been absorbed by the lure/lore that is the mighty machine of  government/media/indoctrination.

 We don’t lose our children by government raids, we lose them insidiously, piece by piece by the systems that are set up that encourage them towards materialism, multiculturalism, television, loss of identity, religion, race, culture. We lose their future, as do they, and sadly , I do believe because of hose hell-bent on the destruction of Whites, we will lose not only the country, but all of the things that has made the entire world want what we have. We simply won’t have it anymore. ‘Land of the free..’should perhaps be marked with an * disclaimer that any and all ‘rights’ are subjects to change, regardless of constitution.

We must ask ourselves, since it isn’t about the false pretexts they are using to destroy these people, what IS it really about? And why now? why them of all people, it isn’t like they are out there wrecking YOUR day-to-day life simply by existing, are they? Can one say that about other groups? White flight much? Watch it now, your hypocrisy is showing.

Hate Crimes Against FLDS

What this really boils down to is hate. People hate these American citizens for practicing their religion. People at Eldorado passed around hats with “ELDORADO: POLYGAMY CAPITAL OF TEXAS” on them.One person paraded around the entrance to the ranch in a grim reaper costume, and a song called “The Plural Girl Blues” has been written about the members in Eldorado. These things don’t just sound like hate to me, but hate crimes. http://tiny.cc/c8WQY

Kyle Martin is correct. This truly is  real hate crime being perpetrated against the members of this particular branch of the FLDS. They are taking children away , separating mothers from infants- why? Are the children being burned with cigarettes, being put in microwaves, eating rocks of crack cocaine, being tossed out hi-rise housing project windows, being abandoned in dumpsters? No, they are not.


The government uses vague claims of ‘abuse’ and underage mothers as the pretext to destroy families and community.  As mentioned earlier, the same government doesn’t care about underage mothers in the ghetto, whose children are living under much worse conditions, no fathers to be found to provide for, care for and raise their children, who are much worse off than FLDS kids, who have many healthy, strong , drug-free and loving women to care for them. These children are being cared for by mothers who share an investment in the children, the ones who are not directly their own being half-siblings or perhaps something akin to nieces and nephews. Can the same  be said for the dual career yuppie couple, with all the toys, mortgage and SUV who are routinely featured on news stories having caught their nanny on secret cam letting their precious infants roll off sofas or being abused and neglected in various ways.

http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/2561722/ Yuppie couples employ women such as these to care for their twin infants,so that they can work and have all the toys,clothes, etc that they think will be important for little unisexually named progeny #1 and 2, but that is OK, while having more than one actual mother, is not.


HBO series Big Love depicts a family less like flds, more like Centennial Park
HBO series ‘Big Love’ depicts a family less like flds, more like Centennial Park

 mothers children playing




 flds mothers, children in park

FLDS are descendants of people who settled this country, they are citizens. Illegal aliens are breaking the law here, yet they are not separated from their children, let alone often not deported. No one is conducting raids in mexican neighborhoods, either worried about underage mothers rampantly breeding anchor babies without the benefit of marriage , or about their lack of citizenship, or under what conditions the children are living in- peple living 10- 15 to an apartment-young babies being cared for by 8 or 9 year old siblings, while the parents work crappy under the table jobs, or unofficial ‘day care’ homes, where none of the children get loving , personal attention- and collect food stamps and rent vouchers and have no qualms about running  to the ER every time there is a health problem for free care. Leaving young children under the supervision of other young children IS illegal, is it not?

 We find a multitude of horror stories on google news featuring either murderous or neglectful mothers and mostly live-in step-father. Is that kind of thing happening on the FLDS ranch? Not by a long shot. Are these children being starved or denied medical care or living in foul, unhealthful conditions? No, this is not true either. Are these mothers in FLDS headed out to ‘da cluub’ to meet a boyfriend and leaving children home alone, sometimes for days whilst they are on a drug bender? Not a chance. So what are they doing that is so horrible they must be punished and their families and larger community destroyed?

That same question is being asked all over the blogosphere:

“So, the question that needs answering, is why are these women are being kept from their children? What evidence is there they are unfit mothers, that they have abused their children? Texas doesn’t’t appear to have any such evidence. The only rational conclusion one can draw is that these women dress funny, they belong to an extremely unpopular religious movement, and they shun the modern cesspool we call American pop culture. So, since they are so powerless and unpopular Texas has seen fit to kidnap their children, hold them hostage and subject them to what likely is the most abusive environment yetthe ‘protective ‘care of the Texas Child Protective Services.”


We have already established it it is not underage marriages, horrible abusive conditions, it isn’t alcohol, drug or sexual abuse. So what is it that has made them a target? The above blogger has one thing especially correct- these people reject mainstream culture.

Here are some of the reasons I believe have attracted the attention of Big Evil Government.

1) Race (other groups live in non-traditional familial/marital arrangements and have rampant rates of underage childbearing, and no one conducts raids, but rather accepts it, and even apologizes for it citing ‘cultural and religious differences’. FLDS is White, therefore FLDS must be Evil, Bad and Wrong.

2) Tax/Church status/ money/beliefs- FLDS cannot be said to be mainstream Judeo_Christian. Beliefs not truly in line with Mainstream Christianity. They do not wear crosses, I believe this is so for the new LDS church as well as FLDS, though because they include the name ‘Jesus’ in the title of their church- this gets by a lot of people. Whether you agree with their religious ideas or not, or simply do not care- the more one investigates the differences in belief, the more one can see that yes, their beliefs are not really exactly in line with MSC. Which the powers that be do not like. If you are not Judeo-Whatever, you are a threat. Especially if you have tax-exempt status and are not throwing in your .02 to support the war and foreign policy crap.

3) Self-determination , free agency, self-sufficiency– While they may or may not accept help from the state/gov as far as welfare/food stamps, they have certainly created communities, housing, religious structures, etc. They live apart from the mainstream, and until this latest debacle, seem to have done well by it.

4) Patriarchy- The system, though on the day to day level is kept functioning through vast networks of women, at the top are men. This would be one reason the globalist/new world order/feminists etc would be against this system, it is headed by exclusively White men.

5) Overt Rejection of System: Homeschooling , rejection of traditional judeo-Christian beliefs/marriage arangements and unable to be absorbed by same, unable to fit into mainstream modern day LDS belief structure, whilst regular LDS struggles to discern whether Smith was correct in his beliefs and they are wrong in rejecting what they call ‘the principle’ or that if he was incorrect, then their entire foundation is built on ignoring that fact, and sweeping it conveniently under the rug- either way, FLDS gets shunted away to aunties, like an illegitimate child, though how they live is representative of the original, early LDS.

6) Rejection of Consumerism/pop-culture– Rejects contact with pop culture brainwashing: MTV, Prozac, face piercing, skanky clothes,celebrity obsession, not appearance obsessed, no TV, magazines that promote all kinds of unhealthy things- hence they are not good consumers because the TV tells you what you lack and what you should buy and be.

7) Marital Arrangements Unacceptable – So let me get this straight. Unwed ghetto teen mothers are OK, unwed teen illegals are OK, swingers are OK, politicians who pay hookers 5000 an hour are OK (well, they don’t have their children taken away) , serial relationships and/concurrent affairs are Ok, that other ‘poly’, polyamory is OK-even if all live together as if they are married and may or may not co-share/parent children is OK, gay marriage is Ok in at least a couple states, transgender parents are OK, adopting kids from other countries while being unmarried and/or polyamorous and/or gay is OK, but not FLDS.

Tolerance and Diversity People say these is OK , even for any parenting arrangement, but not this .

Do you see the Hypocrisy of ‘Tolerance’ ? Yeaahh, ‘tolerance’ is kind of a drag when it’s a one-way street. You tolerate me, or I sue or claim some kind of discrimination and get laws passed to make you tolerate me, and include me, but tolerate you? Not a chance.

The Hypocrisy of ‘Tolerance’, kind of like :

US/Mexico border fence- Israeli border Wall

mexico borderisrael wall

Sometimes ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity ‘ is good , sometimes it’s not. Is that how it is?  ‘We’ the people, will be told what kind of ‘diversity’ is OK and an Officially Licensed Product, and which kinds are not. You are a ‘good guy’ if you agree with Big Brother, and a dangerous, subversive element if you don’t.

8) Organization. A structure that not only includes all of the things America won’t abide in its Hypocritically- Correct belief system, but that owns land, properties, churches, businesses, infrastructure.

FLDS Temple

9) Religion. Not modern day judeo-Christian friendly.

10) Threat – Possibly at least sympathetic to othes not on the Officially Approved as Acceptable American Political Belief System list.

Mormons, Muslims forge close ties-They see in each other a religion viewed with suspicion in U.S. and share an emphasis on the family-“As the church grew into a global faith,” Green wrote in a 2001 essay, “its posture toward Islam became … more positive” until, today, “the two faiths have become associated in several ways, including Mormonism’s being called the Islam of America.”http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/04/13/MN0410197R.DTL&hw=mormons&sn=001&sc=1000

Granted, not all FLDS may feel as this professor does, but this statement may be taken as some kind of a threat to approving of the never-ending war in Iraq, or the entire middle-east mess we have gotten ourselves into.

BYU professor Noel Reynolds :

“…there are many important elements of Mormon thought in which we feel closer to the followers of Muhammad than to the contemporary Christian culture in which we have been located since our beginning” (Reynolds quoted by Spencer Palmer, Mormons and Muslims


I am hoping writing about the hate crime by the US government against FLDS will bring more attention to the matter, and has helped the reader to explore other angles and explanations, get people to question and see the hypocrisy that is glaringly obvious in how the government operates and whom they select to take down.


* caller now revealed to be Rosita Swinton, have another post about her in ‘world gone wrong’ category


http://blogs.sltrib.com/plurallife/ covers poly life in Salt Lake city


http://texaspolygamy.blogspot.com/ Texas blog

http://www.principlevoices.org/ site by women


http://polygamynow.blogspot.com/ modern-day

http://pluralmarriageman.blogspot.com/2008/04/is-constitution-dead.html man asks: Is the constitution dead? Jeff’s trail slide show and narration

http://www.nccg.org/ezion_geber/warning.html    Christian , not Mormon, similar beliefs

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22 thoughts on “FLDS: Big Hate- Big Brother

  1. Boise Leon says:

    Very nice write-up.
    The very sad thing about this is that the FLDS and the people trying their best to make heaven on earth have been used and are collateral damage to dirty politics. Within a few days we may discover what the Democratic National Party has done to use Swinton to trigger yet another event to smear Mitt Romney.
    This has been building for about 4 years and it just got out of hand. There are three Attorney Generals and many law enforcement officers who have been duped. This fiasco is not what it seems to be as presented by the mainstream media.

  2. nightlily27 says:

    well said. You brought up points that I had not thought of.

  3. Paul Fromm says:

    This is another excellent thought piece.I’m deeply troubled by the persecutions of the FLDS. The fact that they’re White, cohesive, not-multicultural, family oriented, and opposed to our fatally corrupted society makes them intolerable to the New World Order people, the social engineers and that certain minority that fears any sign of serious resistance the the planned ethnic cleansing the replacement of our people on this continent.

  4. Rob Chapman says:

    A brilliant read.

    The violence committed by the United States Government against the innocent women and children of the non-conformist FLDS is an unconscionable travesty.

    As our government continues to grow in power and influence, the elitists chose to persecute a group of peaceful separatist Whites instead of focusing their attention on REAL dangers to the security of our Nation: the massive illegal invasion of the peasantry from Mexico, the staggering amount of hate-crimes committed by Blacks against Whites, and a foreign policy that supports Israel in spite of the enormous damage and the counterproductive results of a policy that is not acting in its own best interests’.

    The persecution of the FLDS’s is a tragedy on many levels.

    Thank you for this article.

  5. George Taylor says:

    Funny how the corrupt, traitorous US government never prosecutes * racial epithet* polygamists who have 20 children by 20 different women. Oh, I forgot – *racial epithet* are “special”.

    How silly of me.

  6. Curious says:

    What makes the FLDS behavior immoral is the age DIFFERENCE.

  7. Celtica says:

    Who’s next on their little hitlist, the Amish?

  8. Tim says:

    Funnier still that there seems no contempt here for the middle-aged men guilty of statutory rape of teenage and possibly pre-teenage girls. And similarly funny that the mothers who sit by and allow it to happen are vindicated somehow by faith.

    This hardly excuses inaction for other ills, but it seems a bit odd that the “epithet polygamists” would somehow suggest that we (a society) should tolerate some middle-aged man having intercourse with, and impregnating, a 13 year-old girl. I guess I’m weird, but that doesn’t sound like “tolerance” to me… that sounds like what happens when nobody in the family wants to speak up about “Uncle Frank” molesting his nieces.

    Yes… all very funny. – Tim

  9. Way to go!!! (and don’t you stop!)

    Read WHITESPEECH and you will see that we are on the same page.

    Thank you for your very deliverable commentary on the events those folk find themselves in and their correlation to our People.

    Hopefully you are helping more formerly blind(ed) to see!


    In The Awakening of White America,

  10. …I said “on the same page”. Of course, I meant generally.
    Honestly, you said in this article what I’d been thinking all along in regards to the situation with the FLDS.

    Thanks again, and drop me a line any time!

    “We must secure the existence of our People, and a future for White Children.” -Lane
    (I say, WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!)

  11. Tim says:

    Yeah wake up. Big Brother is a kike. America will either be populated by whites or jews and their slaves. Its one or the other.

  12. thank you very much for comments- some get caught in the spam filter and I have to fish them out or edit them for obvious reasons, but I am – shall we say.. ‘simpatico’ to most-

  13. Hector of troy (SF) says:

    Thank you for such a well written article in defense of these poor people. They are not worried about materialistic nor worldly things but merely ask to be left alone. It is appalling as you say the attack on white America while the Mexicans commit far worse offenses and are merely overlooked. Once again well written, bravo.

  14. Uh, do comments actually “get lost”, or, should I?

  15. Kelly says:

    Some of these women and children would be very happy to not be left alone. As a child of physical abuse myself, I am still scarred by the number of people who saw and knew – and still did nothing.

    How much choice did these women have in their lives? If they were all there because they wanted to be, if they could freely leave when they wanted to, if they had the right to keep their money, to go where they pleased, wear what they wanted and say what they thought, I would be the first one to support their lifestyle.

    But unable to take a child to a doctor when they had a broken bone? Unable to leave without permission? Being beaten by a husband because they “talked back”? This is abuse, pure and simple, and no one should have to be subjected to it.

    And I assure you, should any parent of any race anywhere in this country abuse their child today, whether they’re here illegally or not, the state will respond when notified. It may not be the right response and the right thing is not always done because there is never enough time, people, money or resources, but they do still respond.

    If you think FLDS is so wonderful, go live with them. If you think we have so many other problems already here in society, you are right and I hope you are doing something about them. If you’re telling me that one person can’t possibly solve all of society’s problems, then you are only echoing the millions of social workers who have tried to take care of all those other children you think need so much help.

  16. incogman says:

    Those side by side photos of our border “fence” versus the Zionist’s massive wall to ghetto the Palestinians shows the massive hypocrisy of the power structure in this country.

    Each of us is paying for them to treat the Palestinians just like they were treated by the Nazis, while at the same time they, obviously, could care less about us at all.

  17. arkay says:

    Reply to Kelly:

    Kelly, you read too much media, and books from anti-FLDS. I am sure you don’t know anything about FLDS culture, since all the women I am aquainted with at YFZ are glad to be there, and happy with their lifestyle. Oh, and many of the women were outside of the ranch when the raid happened, yes, for Doctor and Dentist appointments (and Walmart with their own money). Does that sound like they were trapped inside? Where is the proof of all your statements about how we beleive? Did you know that nearly every woman who was taken from the ranch had a cell phone? Where is even 1 woman or child from YFZ asking for help from law officials? I would recommend you look at captivefldschildren.org website for the truth. See if you detect anything but happiness in the children faces until the raid. They were the happiest children on earth

  18. Talula says:

    I have to agree with Tim & Kelly; I have done the research necessary to make a competent decision in my own mind that there was, and is; abuse in several forms going on in most of the FLDS groups and locations in the different SW & Midwest states and Canada (& yes! even one in Mexico).
    The legal cases may not all come to convictions; but at last count 5 more men have been actually charged with crimes iinvolving young girls in the El Dorado and Canadian cases, stemming from the facts in the group’s own records.

    And Speaking to your post’s subject regarding your views on these so-called hate crimes against ‘white male’ and their self-supporting lifestyle — — (A) if they were self-supporting > why did they have DOD contracts for legit money worth millions of the US Taxpayers money, while making the young women ‘church-married’ but single in the eyes of the US government apply for food stamps, welfare payments for the babies they had and medi-caid. (B) What is all this nonsense about the FDLS ‘whites’ being the settlers of this country and the only ‘right’ upstanding citizens– since MY ANCESTORS, the Native Americans; are the rightful heirs of this country (C) Several of those women who were absent from the ranch in El Dorado admitted that they had gone to towns in Utah and Arizona to recruit other new young wives, some had gone to deliver girls from El Dorado to new households in those towns, or to drop boys off in the areas common to ‘dump’ boys & young men who did not want to follow the rules of the group. ” …happiest children on earth” — I don’t believe that for a minute. I guess I just have to say that your comments are just as imflammatory and one-sided as you have accused everyone else of being and the truth lies somewhere in between — as it most often does when heated rhetoric is taken out of the discussion!

  19. ‘Talula’- I checked out your blog. So your deal is ‘early childhood education’, hmm? One would think you would have been right on board with what I was saying, maybe not openly- but then, my experience with educators – not all mind you, there’s always The Exception- but most of any stripe are more concerned with inventing programs and garnering grant money for said programs , whether said programs work or not. When not doing this, one hears a lot of cliche catchphrases, like ‘making a difference’ and rote repetition of stuff imbibed from whatever the last class or seminar attended.
    You’re even doing this in your post to me, ‘inflammatory’ ‘one-sided’ . Those are YOUR words, not mine.
    Let me try to explain it in your language. Unlike yourself, I have no problem with not giving everyone ‘equal time’ or ‘hearing all voices’ . I’m not really about ‘inclusiveness’, honey- if you haven’t figured that one out yet. The whole point is Exclusiveness. And therein lies True Diversity. As in Not All the SAME. Different. Divergent.

    Bottom line, the more you try to force it on us, the more of the opposite effect it is going to have. Every day I speak to people who have had it with Forced Tolerance, a kind of mind rape, and you want to know something? They’re coming over to our side. It’s not even hard. They’re ready.

    As far as your ‘bleeding the beast’ claims, try this site for facts-
    Sure, some of them have collected assistance, but the numbers are grossly inflated. I’m GLAD if they get welfare. I only wish they lived in my state so tax $ could be spent on something worth a damn. They are producing valuable , law-abiding, clean-living, drug-free,high-achieving, productive citizens. How many other welfare-receiving groups can claim that much? If this were a healthy society, the government would and should support them. Whatever these folks ‘cost’ the system is far and away nothing compared to what they contribute- the exact opposite of other groups, whose cost just escalates as they grow older and enter drugs, gangs, criminal justice system. The government helping flds kids is an investment, it has a return, it’s not financial and cultural masochism.
    Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

    So, either mind your own business and let people live as they want- or don’t be a hypocrite and go after the groups that are also having underage births -although no one can find the daddy to go after or he is already locked up or dead rather than providing for his children- Again, I make my point that no one seems concerned about the rampant underage and no daddy births of future prison residents, or hit and run drivers, or border meth smugglers. You’re up in arms about flds, but what about the multitudes of foster kids whose parents are strung out on crack or heroin? Kids that no one adopts, not even jolie and madonna.

    1297, spelling variant of divers (q.v.), perhaps by analogy with converse, traverse, etc. More associated with L. diversus, and since c.1700 restricted to the meaning “different in character or quality.” Diversification in the economic sense is from 1939. Diversity is c.1340.a

  20. Talula says:

    Looks like Tim, Kelly and & I are talking (in moderation format) to the wall here; so much for open discussion on a complicated topic. As I said before; the real truth of the El Dorado case(s) lies somewhere in between the two extremes of loud rhetoric. I am not going to waste any more time here, since my career & personal focus has always been on the safety & security of children in any endeavor I am involved in (no matter what the lifestyle of the families in any program where I have been) – and that is obviously not important here or on many of the blog posts which you have linked to or listed here. You are welcome to delete my comments & pretend I was never here.

  21. You take your little army of three and wage your war, I’ll wage mine. Go play your little logical fallacy game ‘people who don’t agree with you don’t care about kids’. What you don’t get, O Mall Security Protectress of Zee Cheeldruns – is that part of helping kids is not being this self-appointed arbiter of All Things Safe and Good, but being able to talk to and get through to kids themselves.I know I can because I have seen it. Like it or not, I am a kid magnet. Babies smile at me, other people’s kids climb on me, teenagers listen to me. Get it that I am no Mother Teresa, Jolie, Mary Poppins type and especially not these EX-whatever group crazy crusaders that look like they have been on meth for 20 years, like that woman who goes after FLDS endlessly, because I guess it’s her only gig.

    Yeah I have heard the story of the ten kids and the sneaking out in the middle of the night, and the van breaking down and the disabled child, it all sounds awful- but you know, not every story goes like that, and there comes a time to have other, bigger things to worry about.

    As I said, I don’t see anyone deciding to be the Protector and CPS-caller of ghetto kids. They probably all share a daddy or two, and there’s lots of underage and teenage moms there. No wonder you’re running away, because you know it is a lot better gig going after your own kind who for all the dramatic claims of being run out of town, threats etc, are in fact, way less dangerous than if you were to take on the task of underage mammas in the minority world, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if you are that jessop woman, the avatar and indian background totally made-up. I hope you are not she, because I actually…well, kind of feel bad for her, because of the drug use, she looks unhealthy and although the media tries to show her in the best light they can, as some kind of ‘Sarah Connor’ terminator chick, it doesn’t work.

  22. Talula says:

    I am a real human, not the Jessop woman (did not know the name until last year in the news), yes – the avatar is made up (as is the whole system of avatars & I havent met anyone with turquoise skin yet), the Native American ancestry is Cherokee – I am extremely proud of it and I have a 35 year history of working successfully with children from suburbia, inner city, rural, and from cultures & countries world-wide. And to answer your remark about “I don’t see anyone deciding to be the Protector and CPS-caller of ghetto kids.” I have made those calls and have done the due diligence research to provide evidence to take children away from their parents permanently for their protection. Now I will go and play with folks who actually know how to relate to each other (even in disagreement) without disdain and name-calling. Have a nice life!

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