Tiger punk

Lunchtime poll:  After surviving a tiger attack , which you helped provoke,  what do you do?

1)  while watching ‘who’s the real daddy?’  on Maury, sees ad for personal injury lawyer sues city of SF to reap thousands or more for tiger injuries

2)  Decide to look for  More Trouble

3) Steal some Nintendo stuff at Target

4) All of the above! 

Like the Jane’s  Addiction song of the 80’s  ‘Been Caught Stealing’

Also hits a cop. Unwise . Full story  at link


03-28) 16:09 PDT San Leandro – — The younger of two brothers who survived a Christmas Day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo was arrested on suspicion of trying to steal two video game controllers from a San Leandro store, police said Friday.

Paul Dhaliwal, 19, hid two Nintendo Wii controllers in his pants at the Target store at the Bayfair Center mall about 6:30 p.m. Thursday, San Leandro police Lt. Tom Overton said.

Store security officer Michael Marucut, dressed in plain clothes, told authorities that he witnessed the theft and followed Dhaliwal as he walked past the cash registers, “never making an attempt to pay for the concealed items,” the police report said.

One thought on “SF Tiger Taunter : Shoplifting

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