Alienating and being hostile , constantly mocking  Christians does not pay -It’s just not good strategy – As far as numbers go,  these groups know how to put the squeeze of  political & economic pressure on – lots of their issues are our issues- and our enemies KNOW this. These groups some WNs may deem “too mainstream” or “I’m an Odinist, what do I care about Christian groups?” Better think again, these groups believe a lot of the same things WN people believe, who identify as Christian or not. They want the same things , though they probably won’t come out and make it a racial issue, with the things they want, it pretty much has to  end up that way- safe neighborhoods, people helping each other, trust, order rather than chaos, quiet rather than noise, peaceful co-operative living  over constant gang warfare,  depth over shallowness, subtlety rather than  obvious obligatory offensiveness and crudity, originality  rather than derivative, celebrating childrens innocence over Stewie Griffin, spontaneous true laughter rather than cynical, canned pop culture references-

 –  This is not a case of “the enemy of my enemy”…No one is saying you, me, we..have to convert, I am only talking about not open hostility. Not only is it getting old, it is kinda dumb at this stage of the game.  While I recognize there are some things that might make me a lousy Christian (as opposed to WN, though I ain’t perfect there either/)- I also see patterns, the ones I mentioned alove, that many Christians, whether they know it or not, are   decent WNs, if not in name, than in deed-  why then do WNs sometimes shun them when they want many of the same things we do .

Not all Christians are unthinking, rote, humorless, brainwashed-Jesus-body-snatcher -victim,   throw-themselves-under-the-bus-for-everyone-type-people- , some Christians kick ass. Some Christians make  some N/S (or wannabe N/S)  look like wusses, and whether or not you or I are on board or not, they are hardcore true believers and unapologetic about it, know what they are talking about,  their history, etc-  they are not just blowing smoke. Hopefully , you will be hearing  more on this very soon (hint: audio-wise, I ‘m green at this,  & promise I will get better, so go easy on me!).

       In any case,  try to look past the differences as far as spiritual beliefs, look at how they  get stuff done through their powerful networks -they affected change because of their numbers and the fact they have many of these little groups that people are not afraid to be part of. I admire that. I’m not going to run from them or talk gratuitous crap about them because of the religion when I can learn from them politically, when they can help our cause (and do).   Let’s put it this way, even if I am not 100% on board with them, I admire people who believe what they say and walk their talk, and not because  it’s so fun for them. As I said, they tend not to focus on the racial stuff, but pretty much, because of hothe nature of the multi-culti beast,  one simply  can’t have those things in a mixed society- money doesn’t matter, people stll act obnoxiously, they just have enough money to have their houses far enough apart that no one cares, or the Whites simply move to another rich area, or the offending party is forced to tone down their wild instincts because they know the building TIC  or cooperative will conspire to kick them out. Acting like a public ass used to be something to be ashamed of- worse, celebrities seem to vie for the title of most debauched, strung out, anorexic, drunk, bad mom, etc. setting the stage for endless emulation from TV-stoned teens and the “I’m-not-really-a-grown-up” 20’s  groups.   No one 30+ should be caught dead copying celebs and pop culture. Well, at least ‘recent’ pop culture. Recent meaning the last 50 years.


examples: (this is 2005 but  point is the same)

“We are pleased to learn that Target has heard our concerns and decided to use Christmas in their advertising and marketing efforts. Since the company has responded positively, we see no need to continue the boycott,” said AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon in a released statement. According to AFA, over 700,000 people had signed an online petition to boycott the company.

     Meanwhile Concerned Women for America presented a list of businesses honoring the “Reason for the Season,” the birth of Jesus. Among the retailers it said were excluding Christmas were Kmart, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Radio Shack and Costco. One company that it noted changed since last year was Macy’s which now includes mentions of “Merry Christmas” in its stores and ads. They also tend to know how to organize , following particular cases and trends in many areas and are very good at political pressure, gathering support, etc. We can take a lesson from this.

 I looked around this same  site (links below)  and found story after story about issues WNs would be interested in -and how these Christians (to differentiate them from the Judeo-Sell-Outs, let us call them “Traditionalist Christians”) have also become a villified and  hated group- as long as they stand for conservative, traditional, family type stuff- it appears they are saying in article after article, the “sell-outs” do not suffer this. Sound familiar much?

    I also learn a lot of stuff , like this

In the suit filed last Wednesday, the 16-year-old and his parents charged the instructor of violating the Establishment Clause, which prohibits government from advancing religion or promoting hostility toward religion.

Sues teacher for  Making Derogatory remarks re : Christians, conservatives ( look twice at what the subject being taught was)

Some of the comments by his teacher, James Corbett, included, “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth” and “Conservatives don’t want women to avoid pregnancies – that’s interfering with God’s work.” The comments were made while he was teaching Advanced Placement European history at Capistrano Valley High School.’Christmas’_Boycott_of_Target_Ends.htm

from that same site: Megachurches targeted for pro-gay campaignThumbs down


pro-FAMILY summit   gets opposition and is called “hate” 0

3 thoughts on “WN: Stop Bashing Christians, their issues are OUR issues!

  1. Matt says:

    Alright, I’ll bite. What real good has Judeo-Christianity done for WN, politically? On the balance, I see it as more harmful than beneficial to our cause. Let’s look at some issues of interest to both camps.

    1. Homosexuality- This is a hot issue for judeo-Christians, but they’ve had minimal impact on keeping the queer culture at bay. I’d say their interests align well with WN here, though.

    2. Abortion- Opinions among WN are going to vary on this, but most would agree that aborting non-White fetuses is a good thing, while aborting White babies is evil. Judeo-Christians on the other hand want all of them saved, including the brownies. WN and jC interests don’t mesh very well on this issue. Personally speaking, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of abortion, period, even for non-Whites, but I can’t say it’s based on logic.

    3. They’ve advanced the homeschool movement, which is beneficial to us as well.

    So what other issues are big for American Christians? The whole Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas thing is trivial at best. What else do Judeo-Christians support that aligns with White interests? Not much that I can see. Churches in this country are HUGE supporters of race-mixing, non-White immigration (they sponsor tons of Africans and Asians), Third World aid, and unconditional financial and military support for Israel. If you want to find the race-mixers in your town, head down to the nearest mega-church, it’ll be full of them.

    In my opinion, modern Christianity is mostly negative for our people politically. I say this as a Christian myself, although I’m CI, no Judeo prefix for me.

  2. Matt- I will come back to you on this- or will tackle it in interviews with people who can prob answer this better than I and you can listen to them convince you-Getting the “Judeo-Xtians” unplugged from the “Judeo” part- surely as a CI that makes sense to you? As well as promoting traditional White ways of life versus whatever is new, trendy, hip, MTV-vulgar etc? You say what good has Judeo_Xtians done for WN, well, as far as their political affiliations, not a whole hell of a lot- however , at the risk of sounding like a politician, ask not what Judeo_Xtianity can do for WN, but what WN can do for J-C?

  3. Matt says:

    SilentConsort, I look forward to hearing any ideas you’ve got regarding this, especially practical/tactical ones. By nature I’m a positive guy. I know we’re going to be victorious, eventually, and I think it’s important to focus on our long range goals. Many WNs, myself included sometimes, get caught up in the daily reports of anti-White crime and general negativity regarding our fate as a people. Being around Judeo-Christians all the time I end up focusing on the negatives instead of how they are mostly decent, moral, very culturally White folks, even if blind on racial and Jewish issues.

    In my experience, most devout Protestants are Semitophiles and will run from anything that even hints at criticism of the Jews. Catholics, not so much, but it’s still not an easy topic to broach. How best to enlighten these people?

    Here’s a couple small ideas that come to mind off the top of my head- Websites dedicated to “exposing” the people behind various social ills. Each would have a bunch of names and photos of the big players, and they’d all be Jewish, although their Jewishness wouldn’t be mentioned. It would be left for the viewer to discover on their own, a little “aha” moment. Definitely plenty of hints though, like head shot photos including yarmulkes and Israeli flags. There could be a site covering pornography, militant feminism, abortion, militant homosexuals, atheism, anything anti-Christian. There are many “name the Jew” sites out there now, but these would be different. The approach would be more subtle, less scary, not overly radical looking.

    Another good web project would be false flag sites that bash Christianity or specific Christian values. Like this one, but less obvious:

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