Dead burglars Someone tell me what the BP’s were protesting anyway? It’s not like anyone was dragged from a truck here, the ones who got shot and killed were  breaking and entering into private property, probably to steal (or worse).  Is it now not “PC” to protect yourself?  I don’t get why the BP would involve themselves in this just because the burglars shot were black.  They were criminals, intent on harm. I’m not going to defend  someone only on the grounds they are White. Oh and I can just hear it now, about the oppressive system, and how they don’t get a fair shake, and poverty, blah blah, as if people don’t have a choice not to become  burglars or rapists, car-jackers, bank robbers. That is  a load of crap and you know it.  People are sick of being victimized more than they are afraid of being called names. When you put people’s family in danger, you are damn right they are going to take care of business. I would have done the same thing, what am I going to do, “Oh yes, come in, rob me blind, assault me and my children, no problem, of course, make yourself at home”.. Don’t think so.



If the grand jury decides not to indict Mr. Horn, Quanell X will lead another march back through the quiet suburban neighbourhood and directly to his door.…cal&id=5538780
Audio of 911 Call by Joe Horn to Pasadena, Texas police
Audio of 911 Call by Joe Horn to Pasadena, Texas police (2nd source)



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A Castle Doctrine (also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law) is an American legal concept derived from English Common Law, which designates one’s place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one’s car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack. It then goes on to give a person the legal right to use deadly force to defend that place (his/her “castle”), and/or any other innocent persons legally inside it, from violent attack or an intrusion which may lead to violent attack. Within the legal paradigm, therefore, it functions as a type of justifiable homicide.

Castle Doctrines are legislated by state, and not all states in the US have a Castle Doctrine.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texas: Quanell X Protest Foiled

  1. Angela Simmons says:

    I find it mighty strange that people are always trying to say that BP are disgruntled, and angry over nothing. Would it have been the same comments made, if one of your family members was having an argument or robbing someone, and the other person posses a weapon, your family member calls the police and 911 is able to talk with this person with the weapon, and he agree not to shoot your family member, but as soon as he gets off the phone with 911, he take matters into his own hands and shoot and kill your family member, because he felt like he had the right too. Now look at this situation in Pasadena, yes, these guys broke the law true enough, but would things, been different if Mr. Horn, would have done as the 911 emergency worker, who get paid for what she do, if he would of followed the orders in which she gave him.

  2. A.,
    People don’t show up and get upset about Q-X or his defenders/advocates because of one case – your account of which may or may not be entirely accurate. It is the overall violence, crime, shootings, rapes- see my latest on the Duke U Hoax and the links to the #’s and stats on who is really raping who. It ain’t these college white boys. Come on, Angela, you know what I say is true. Not saying you don’t have a right to be pissed over slavery, even though my people weren’t even here, I’m pissed too. It was one of the all-time Big Dumbest Ideas probably in the history of the USA. Same deal now with illegal aliens.

    I feel way more sympathy for the slavery issue than any kind of illegal alien mess, even though blacks aren’t the only ones who have been subjected to slavery historically. In any case, it was wrong, and worse than that, it was Dumb. It hurt your people and the distance between America/Civilization and Africa/Wilderness was just too long a bridge for your people to be able to cross quickly even with all the feel-good civil rights stuff, being ‘set free’, getting rid of Jim Crow. It is Europeans who brought civilization HERE- so when the rest of came here later, we already had various systems implemented.Yeah even today, much of Europe isn’t really up to the everyday standard of living as America, but let’s get it clear, we brought whatever we already had established in Europe here- cultural, whatever our trades were, ethnic traditions, etc. Thinking you could take a people who were basically in their babyhood of their entire story civilization-wise, thinking they could completely change everything they were so perfectly evolved to be in their own area into what we do is totally asinine. Myself, I don’t know how no one tried to more effectively stop slavery. Sure , it made a boatload of money for the US, but it has probably cost us a lot more as far as quality of life. Whatever ‘think-tank’ came up with that non-winner of an idea must have had pitchforks for brains.

    Sure it wasn’t ALL Whites either who had a hand in the Slavery Machine either. Listen to Farrakhan, he’ll tell you all about it. I am here as a result of immigration by choice, not chains- the right thing to do isn’t this lame welfare/section 8/programs that don’t work on your kids nonsense, but real reparations would be making your own country and people civilized if you want it to be more like here. Think about whether you really want that though, to just copy and want what white people have and do. We’re not as free and all-powerful as you think we are. Lots of us are ‘owned’ by The Man, the Bank Man, the Shylock Man, some kind of Usurious A-Hole who controls our lives, and we must answer to some Entity of the man, or take a test or be scrutinized every time we turn around. They are constantly telling us how we should celebrate how great it is to send our kids to die in Iraq, and how we should become even more dependent on the state than your people are.

    The state wants us afraid of and controlled by them as much as they by default do the same to you, they just do it on another level to us, but they do it. They don’t do it so much by threats to take away or cut our checks or ‘racial profiling’ they do it by constantly imposing changes on what we can or cannot do and make it very hard to get anywhere as far as saving or having anything of worth to pass down. Go ahead and do the standard “Good Whitey, now feel what it’s like to get screwed, haha”. You better think twice about that attitude.

    It isn’t the illegals coming in who are paying your grandma’s medical and mama’s baby’s similac. Ilegals are not paying into that system and they are replacing your people in lots of jobs in the south. We dumb down the system enough by letting anyone into anything , no matter how unqualified or inarticulate (Umm like Bush ) it will only serve to ruin it all, which is what is happening. take a better look at who you should be pissed at, rather than various Europeans. Lots of Whites are even more pissed at McCain than have any axe to grind with Obama, even though yeah, duh we know he doesn’t represent us, but hey, neither does the white guy, serving the master he does. When either one of them stops talking about polishing the boots of those that want us dead, then I can think they are any different from each other. Apparently, foreign policy loyalty (note CODECODECODECODE) trumps even money. Try not to have the fearful, reactionary , obligatory freakout from this when you see it. If you do, you’re recoiling from the truth. This stuff is not made up. it ain’t about GhettoNameX or this or that person, it’s about the how the system is set up. Don’t make that pre-programmed mental leap to hysteria “This is Hate ! OMG!” Look at it, go look the stuff up, find other sources. Refute the stuff, if you can find proof it’s not true, then come back and tell me it is all about QX or Whitey is always the bad guy. I didn’t know about this stuff myself till about 4-5 years ago, and even now, feel like I have only scratched the surface.

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