Doesn’t that sound like the latest fiction title from someone who would then appear on Oprah?
I was looking in the 25 cent room at the library where I have found some treasures and found an endless supply of this type of title, which follows a formula: career/trade/some kind of job description, then adjective or verb, then noun, preferably a person. It almost seems there could be generators for these titles . “The Bondswoman’s Perishable Apple -Butter”.. One starts thinking this way after seeing one after another of these. It is not even homey or kitschy, there is absolutely nothing to assign it to, such as “Aha, this person is probably into latch hook rugs and scrapbooking”.. Trite imitates art?

And this is what our lives have become, a series of “LOL’s” and “BTW”, hateful concepts such as “friends with benefits” and “soul mates”, “myspace friends” rather than saying hello to your neighbor.. In this false anti-world, there can exist no Cathy and Heathcliff, we have been told that is passe, that depth is unrewarding and too much work, living “in the moment” is all, and ” What have you done for me lately?” (Janet Jackson) and “How’s that working for ya?” (Dr. Phil) have replaced what used to be called, “introspection” or “looking within”.

How has this happened, the “shallowization” of America?

3 thoughts on ““The Lobotomist’s Runaway Daughter”

  1. Claudio says:

    Good analogy, bresis. Without meaning, society becomes shallow- flesh for fantasy- daily endorphins>>>>>

  2. JIM says:

    Sad but true my dear, Sad but true…..
    America has become a shallow but very wide pit of slime for all the cast outs of the world. Instead of keeping our European standards high, wehave lowered them shamefully to the 3rd world level. May God have mercy on us!

  3. Claudio says:

    Hello Briseis!
    On the side note. I’m curious if it was you on goyfire with Alex while back?- If you like to discuss off-topic, please do so on my email address.


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