Up from the hold I stagger forth
He’s at the helm, we’re heading North
laid to waste, so many lie dead
We have wine, but have no bread..

So let us drink, try not to drown
Ill tell you the story
‘fore Thor strikes us down..

Saxons ship I saw from shore
Ran to my home,
He would not open the door
He took our boy, pushed my grown son outside
laughing said
“now try to find a place and hide.”.
His eyes so dark and full of hate, as he said,
“if it’s not too late”

Before I could turn my back
I heard the clink of a battle axe.
He stood before me full height
face in armor, yet I knew the eyes

” You take her away, my Northern friend,
I love her not,
perhaps you can”..
He pulled some gold from his coat
“for your trouble, and she’s getting old”..

He cast the bag of gold aside
and said
“ask the woman if she is surprised”..

“Here she has waited for me
watch her go willingly.
I should right now strike you down,
but having already sacked your town
I’ll take this woman and her sons
Do not resist, and the matter is done”…

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