Anxious langor turns to vicious anger
Try and hurt one I love,
you’ll discover what hate’s made of
It wouldn’t be so hard, I would not hesitate.
Pen, knife or hands , I will dissect, then eviscerate

Shylock you are in my sites
You’ve preyed upon us too long now
Contaminated us with lies and ills
A bitter pill, but you better take it it
Let go the reins
You’re going down

Moneylender we no longer want what you’re selling
by hook or crook you tried to suck us in
What’s that you hear? A fearsome din
Sound of boots marching once again.

Pied piper of Destruction
the grapes of wrath have been fermenting
harsh light of truth is unrelenting
Sure as my heart is breaking,
You’re going down.

I should have known the supposed victim was behind it all
You’d like to see our great civilization fall
Go back to the land you stole
You’re going down

Leave him be and come for me
I’ll bathe in your blood
wipe your face on the floor
Truth is, you make most folk sick
“survivor” “whiner” Hypocrite.
You’re going down

He touches my face as if it will be the only time
We play in the snow
Make love sublime
The kind you don’t need touch to find..

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