I take the stand
an unlikely visitor .
before me stands my inquisitor-
While he looks down
My head is held high-
… I never leave his eyes..

“What say ye who stands accused?”

“That which I do not possess
does not make me love it any more or less.
Those that have things arranged
permitting the flesh but not the face-

Do you think that better or worse?
Who is truly the perverse?
Such hypocrisy for one of our race.
Where is honor without honesty?

Off your high horse, fellow malcontent.
History betrays both our innocence..

” OUT OF ORDER!” cries the judge.
( his exclamation fits well the old druge.)

“or what? you’ll hold me in contempt?
At this point, would not that be redundant?”

” Lady , last words you wish to say?
Redeem your soul, perhaps pray?”

“Spare me the sermon, magistrate.
I’m not well, and it’s getting late.
Bring on the noose, stake or guillotine-
but get on with it, make it fast and clean.

I’ll not reveal him, nor repent-
I’ve no regrets, for time well spent.
I cannot be a woman scorned
for loving him was it’s own reward.

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